Reading comic books experience is terrible

Every time I’ve tried to read a comic book on this site, I get about a third of the way through the book and then I get to a black (blank) page, cannot go forward. have to restart or refresh web site, find comic book and then continue. Other times cannot find comic book. Search does not work,.

When previewing comic books ‘X’ does not work to close preview. It’s getting frustrating.

Just close out of the app and go back in or download them before reading.

Or your internet is slow I’ve never had that problem

Download them instead of reading directly on the site. That solved my problem.

It might be an older phone thing. Mine is a six something and I have this frequently. I will say that I’ve also had it on Mac laptops and rocky type devices. (Can’t remember if it’s Roku) Something like that. All apps seem unstable.

Still, love the content and I’m hopeful It will improve with time.