Let’s put together a reading club based on available comics on the app. As a club we could choose what story’s we would like to read and discuss. I know people have busy lives so it would be only 4-6 comics a week. If anyone is serious about this we can communicate through the app or a social media site such as Facebook.


I’m game to join. I’m burning through New 52 Animal Man right now. What are you reading? As to communicating, I’m open to starting with the app. I don’t get on Facebook much these days. My hope is that in addition to forum threads we can eventually send messages too. :wink:

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Thank you for the response! I’ve heard animal man was very good and it’s on my “to read list”. For now I’m not reading much just some of the 1996 nightwing series, and would like to get into green arrow. The only thing with using this service to start a discussion based thread is it’s very difficult to get to where as we could have a more private message room site where it would be more user friendly and easier to access. Maybe I’m just very bad with the app, I know it’s new, but I feel like it’s hard to keep up with a tread on here. I have to scroll down 50 things in the comic section just to find it. Maybe reddit even Facebook was more of an example

I never use Facebook; I’d prefer to communicate through the app. But I’m definitely game for a low-key reading club. I suggest we pick a storyline per week, or something like that.

How about “Death in the Family” for this first week? I don’t think I’ve read it since it first came out.

As far as finding these conversations, the app has a search bar at the top of the screen. If you can remember the title of the conversation, searching works.
There’s also a mechanism to flag a conversation but it doesn’t appear to have an effect. I assume they’re going to add a list of your flagged conversations in the “My DC” area.

You mean the flag button on the bottom left of comments? I’m pretty sure that’s flagging the comment for mods to look at

That sounds awesome you got an Instagram account? Hit me up, my username is yaperdooodles. And my profile pic is the same from here.

We made a discord, the link is

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I would also like to join a reading club if it’s going to be a thing.

I would be interested in a reading club, too. I read Animal Man when it was originally published and recall that it was both compelling and different at the time. I would also vote to communicate through the app, itself.

How about we start with “The New Teen Titans”? seems appropriate with the show approaching.

Sonnd interesting! I’m in the midst of thesis hell right now, but I’m love to join if I have time.