Reading ALL of the New 52

Ok, well. New goal because I’m behind. I’m going to catch up to where I should be before this all moves to Discord. Hopefully, we will be able to continue this there!


Week of 5/22/13 is complete.

Re-reads: Batman Inc, Flash, Green Lantern: NG, Teen Titans

I remember Batman Inc getting a bit weird after Damian’s death but I forgot about the filler issue with Jiro. I do need to read that manga at some point. But this was a decent issue.

I just love this run of Flash. No other comment.

New Guardians was a good look at Kyle and Saint Walker. Two of my favorite Lantern related characters.

I forgot about this Raven arc in TT. Maybe because I didn’t know her character as well when I read it the first time. But it is interesting.

Loves: All-Star Western, Aquaman, Green Lantern

Jonah Hex and Booster Gold is a combo I would have never thought of. Cool issue.

I do like The Others. They are a fun little group and even though my Aquaman knowledge is limited I do like him having an extra team like this.

GL was emotional and I haven’t read all of Geoff Johns run. One day I will. I’m not a big Hal fan but I do like how everyone else was involved.

Likes: Batman: TDK, Green Team, JL, JLD, Red Lanterns, Talon

Well, TDK got dark fast. Though, I should have expected that. Never get attached to Bruce’s love interests.

Green Team was interesting. I like them from the Specials series way back when. And I should finish Danger Street at some point. But I like these characters and it was a decent start to the series.

JL was good, I feel like they are trying too hard to tie everything back to JLA. A little annoying. But the Shazam back-up was fantastic, as always.

JLD was fun with Flash. A cool team-up idea.

Red Lanterns continues to be a neat book. Rankorr is a cool character.

Talon changed it up a little bit but I think I like where it is heading.

Mehs: Firestorm, Hawkman, Superman

Firestorm just ends. I didn’t like the series very much but that was a quick ending and wrapped up almost nothing.

Not as bad as Hawkman though. It ends with a weird arc and a call out to read JLA. Annoying.

As always, I don’t know what is happening in Superman.

Final Thoughts: Firestorm and Hawkman

Firestorm’s middle arc was the only good one in my opinion. They never got settled and even though they had some interesting characters, it never hooked me. They brought Martin Stein back in the last issue, even though the premise of the series was that he was dead, and never explained it. Final Grade: Meh. Sorry.

Hawkman also never got settled. The writers never knew what to do with him and I’m still upset that they had Shayera show up for a handful of chapters and then they just killed her off. Final Grade: Meh. Sorry Matt.

Edit: It took forever to read these issues. Anyone else having problems with the screen just going black and not showing the rest of the issue? I had to back out a couple times and restart the issue completly. In the GL special I had to do that 3 times in order to finish the one issue.

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The Others storyline is phenomenal, and deserves more love

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No need to apologize. I know it is not good and is constantly called Hawkman’s worst series. It was a decent way to pass a few lunch hours on my phone and had some good panels here and there. It had a lot of major problems. Not to mention Shayera was awful in it.

There is a reason they never use him as a lead again in New 52. In JLA he gets to be more of a meme than a character in a those 2 guys situation with Vibe (his best New 52 work by far). In Justice League United he easily could have been cut and leaves a very small impact.

Then in Death of Hawkman he is demoted. While he is still the clear hero Adam Strange is now the protagonist.

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