Reading ALL of the New 52

Did y’all see this? James Gunn loves The New 52!


I saw it. I would not call that love, but a recommendation list.


Had a busy past week and missed posting some progress, so here’s a two-fer.

Week of 3/12/2014 - Ep 132

Highlight: Batgirl: I cannot describe how crazy this issue got. Read it and the last one immediately.

Lowlight: Constantine: It was a decent character issue, but I’m just so done with Blight. They already beat the monster 6 parts ago, this should have ended then.

Week of 3/19/2014 - Ep 133

Highlight: Animal Man: Kinda a cheat, representing the run as a whole, but Animal Man has been a consistently great book and it ends on a very poignant note.

Lowlight: Suicide Squad: Ending it’s tie-in to Forever Evil, the art takes a nosedive and just kinda stops for no reason. Feels like they didn’t know it was ending next issue and just had to hurriedly get the pieces back together.


I meant to respond to this earlier.

This is an interesting list. I am really interested in that they are all Wave 1 books. Beyond that, I like some of them and dislike some of them. But that is how New 52 goes.


Week 3/20/13 is complete!

Re-reads: Green Lanterns: NG, Nightwing

This First Lantern flashbacks are interesting but they are starting to feel sort of fillery.

Nightwing was a good Requiem issue. The art threw me off a little. But still a good issue.

Loves: Constantine, DC Presents, JL, Wonder Woman

This is a great intro to Constantine. As soon as they introduced Chris, I knew he wouldn’t survive the issue. Well done. I’ve been liking the magic corner of the New 52, so far.

This was a nice Starfire issue. I would like to see more like it, it was neat.

Justice League was cool. This will be the first arc that I don’t really know anything about. I knew bits of Throne of Atlantis and War, but nothing about Grid. The Shazam Backups are still gold.

Wonder Woman is incredible as always. I know it doesn’t but I want this series to continue forever.

Likes: Birds of Prey, Catwoman, JLA, Vibe, Red Hood, Supergirl, Sword of Sorcery

Birds of Prey is working on a cool team dynamic. I like Stryx’s character a lot. It felt weird to have Mr. Freeze as the villain in here and in Batwoman this week, though.

I didn’t know Catwoman had a Requiem issue too. It was okay. It felt a little forced but it was good character development for Selina and Bruce.

JLA is an okay team book. I feel like we just haven’t seen them as a team yet. I’m curious about this Secret Society thing, but not much else.

Vibe is a cool character. Extra points for getting briefed on classified stuff and then going home and telling his brother all about it. Perfect.

Red Hood was a different type of Requiem issue. I feel like there is always an “I’m sorry” from Bruce story that needs to happen in any Red Hood series, and this was the issue.

Supergirl felt like a filler issue. I’m not looking forward to the 'There can only be one" Supergirl/Powergirl doppelganger thing. That is a cliché that has been overdone.

I guess I read the wrong issue of Sword of Sorcery last month? So I backtracked and read last month’s issue. Good info about Amaya’s father and the Turquoise house. Makes this week’s issue make a bit more sense. :sweat_smile:

Mehs: Action Comics, Batwoman, Legion

At this point, if you told me I was reading Action out of order I’d believe you. I have no clue what is going on.

Batwoman just feels like the same stuff again and again. Art is beautiful though.

I have no idea what is happening in Legion, either.


Great to see you liking the best series in New 52.


Week 3/27/13 is complete.

Re-reads: Batman Inc, The Flash, Teen Titans.

I think this is the second best Requiem issue behind Batman and Robin. But I wish it had been done first and all the others had been the week after. It just felt out of place.

Flash is still fun. I liked this era of Barry and Patty. Though, I totally get why others do not.

Teen Titans was fun. This version of Tim is not my favorite. But it was a good Requiem issue.

Loves: All-Star Western, Aquaman, I, Vampires

I like a good Savage story and this was good. Hex is just a good balance with almost any character.

Aquaman continues to be great. The balance between his storyline and Mera’s works very well.

I, Vampires feels like it was told late when it was ending. So it is rushing to solve everything. With only 1 issue left I’m curious how that will happen. But it has been a ton of fun so far.

Likes: Batman: TDK, Firestorm, JLD, Red Lanterns, Hawkman, Superman, Talon

I know I said last time that I liked learning the Mad Hatter’s origin but I didn’t like what it turned out to be. It is kinda dated and just feels like something that wouldn’t be written now. Beyond that it was a good issue.

Firestorm was a weird issue. This villain came from nowhere but it is also a cool opposite of Firestorm.

I liked JLD. I wished we could have had more of Tim and his family. (One day I’m finish my read through of Sandman and then Books of Magic.) But I do like the ‘Going to another world where I end up being a God’ storyline. Always fun.

Red Lanterns was better this week. Poor Atrocitus. You almost feel sorry for him.

Hawkman is also suffering from ‘this series ends soon and the writer is struggling.’ It was a bit off this week.

Superman was good. The Cat Grant stuff was weird but maybe that’s because I think of Cat as she is in the Arrowverse.

Talon had some fun reveals. I knew he wasn’t who he said he was. Should be interesting to see what happens next.

No Meh’s this week.

That’s it for this week. Thanks for reading!


Whoops, got a little behind in my readings. Week 4/3/13 is complete!

No re-reads this week.

Loves: Animal Man, Batwing, Detective Comics, Earth 2, Green Lantern, Phantom Stranger.

Poor Buddy. I do love when comics focus on how these heroes deal with loss. (also why I liked the Requiem issues.) Because I feel like it the world where resurrection happens, Death just gets glossed over. But I do enjoy the way Animal Man looked at this. I’m sure there will be more to it.

I knew Batwing switched people at some point, but that felt very rushed. I’m guessing something happened behind the scenes to force the switch to Luke? I’m sad to see David go, I don’t remember if he shows up anywhere else, I hope he does.

I might be the only person reading comics that like anthology books. But they’re fun. I have no idea why Detective was a massive anthology book this week but I liked it.

Earth 2 has my favorite version of Flash. Flash is meant to inspire, but he alwasy gets outshined by Superman, Wonder Woman, etc. Jay is a great hero. I’m happy his Earth 2 counterpart is getting a good comic here.

I’m sad to see Johns run is almost at an end. Man, it is so good. One day I’ll go back and read all the pre-New 52 stuff. This almost makes you feel bad for Sinestro… almost.

Phantom Stranger is a cool story. It is definitely a book I wouldn’t have read if I hadn’t been doing this full read through. It is neat to see this corner of comics.

Likes: Dial H, Green Arrow, Stormwatch, Swamp Thing, Worlds Finest.

Dial H sneaks in to a ‘like’ place because I love the idea of them taking powers from people and having no idea about it. That is really neat.

Green Arrow is getting better. I’m liking this much better than the previous arcs.

I guess Stormwatch is going with a new team and direction? It was kind of sudden and weird. But Midnighter and Apollo are still there, so I’m happy.

Swamp Thing was fun. I liked seeing him just wander around and do ‘ground level’ stuff. I would have never thought to put him against Scarecrow.

Worlds Finest is still a fun team-up book. But the cover ruined the surprise of the last panel. That’s the only negative I have.

Mehs: Action Comics

Looks like a new writer, but they jumped right into it and I feel like I missed something? Beyond that it was good. Hopefully, it makes a bit more sense in a few more issues.


Week 4/10/13 is complete.

Re-reads: Batgirl, Batman, Batman and Robin.

This was a great Batgirl issue. The Alysia moment and then the James moment. There wasn’t a bad panel in this issue.

Finally, no more event Batman. Just a fun little arc of Bruce and Clayface.

I will never understand how Batman and Robin got 50+ issues when Damian dies 17 issues in. But I love this series, so it’s fine. This is a great issue with Carrie though. I wish we got more of her, somehow. Though, Tim was barely in his title issue. Frank was in this one more than Tim was.

Loves: Demon Knights, GLC

There is something hilarious about Lucifer being all chill about torturing Jason for eternity and then just checking in on Earth, and just throwing Jason back to Earth like, “Sorry, You need to deal with that now. I’ll torture you some other time.” I loved it.

Mogo is back! Auto love for me.

Likes: Deathstroke, Ravagers, Suicide Squad, Superboy, Team 7

Deathstroke was okay, but like most series before it, it is suffering from ‘Oh, shoot I need to solve all my plot lines because I got cancelled’ syndrome. Also, it spoiled what happens in Ravagers and Team 7 this week. So, it lost points for that.

Ravagers would have been better if I didn’t know Terra and Rose end up with Slade in Deathstroke’s book. But I did love that last page, so that saved it a bit. It also answer some of my Caitlyn timeline questions.

Suicide Squad was good. I just wish they did the Team 7 stuff with Lance first instead of trying to do it all at once, it is getting lost in all these series. But seeing Waller in the field with the Squad is fun.

I didn’t realize this was Superboy’s origin in New 52. I don’t hate it. But I don’t like how much he is tied to Harvest. And that really didn’t give a good explanation of Harvest, either.

Team 7 could have been a great book and now it is struggling to wrap it all up. Plus, Deathstroke spoiled the ending of this issue in his issue. I wish they had kept this series by itself instead of trying to spread it out over a bunch of different series.

Mehs: Katana and Threshold.

Katana, I think is supposed to be next week but my spreadsheet was wrong so I just read it today. I really want to like this series but it just isn’t getting me. I can’t figure out why.

I have no interest in any of the characters in Threshold. It is a cool concept but I just can’t get into it.


Week 4/17/13 is complete.

Re-reads: Green Lanterns: NG, Nightwing

I am enjoying New Guardians more this second time because I have the context of the other GL series. I also will always enjoy seeing Sinestro getting knocked down a peg or two. (Poor Korugar though)

I forgot the second half of Nightwing was basically a reset. It is an interesting choice especially because It only goes 30 issues. I wonder how much on it was planned?

Loves: Constantine, DC Presents, Vibe, JL, Sword of Sorcery, Wonder Woman.

This is a great version of John. I like him here a bit more than in JLD.

I’m sad to see DC Presents go. But having another story with Beowulf was fun! He’s cool.

No JLA this month but Vibe was neat. I like having Kid Flash around.

Sword of Sorcery has so much left. I wish they had given this series more time it feel like it is just finding its stride.

Wonder Woman is perfect as always.

Likes: Birds of Prey, Catwoman, Red Hood, Supergirl

Fun issue of Bird of Prey. I like the character word with Strix.

Catwoman is getting better. I hate that it refers to issues of JLA that don’t come out for another month. It is so annoying.

Red Hood had a weird disconnect this week. But it was still okay.

Finally Kara and Kara meet. Hopefully they get a chance to talk.

Batwoman and Legion

You all know. I don’t know what is happening in these two anymore.

Final Thoughts: DC Presents

I really like anthology series. And with something like New 52 it was a cool idea to get other characters into the spotlight. I wish it lasted longer. Final grade: Love.


Week 4/24/13 is complete.

Re-Reads: Batman Inc, The Flash, Teen Titans

Yeah, reading Batman Inc again, I’m not sure why I resonating with it so much the first time. But I do love the balance of characters in it. Everyone gets a moment,

I like seeing Barry without his powers. It isn’t explored as often with speedsters.

I don’t remember much of this part of Teen Titans but is is cool to see Raven again. And learn who Cassie’s father is.

Loves: Aquaman, I, Vampires

Aquaman is technically next week by my spreadsheet is a mess right now. But I am still liking the balance between Arthur and Mera’s stories.

I, Vampire had a rushed ending but I loved it. I wish Tig had a better ending, and I’m guessing she’ll show up somewhere eventually. But I liked how it all got resolved. And I loved that last reveal with Mary.

Likes: All-Star Western, Batman: TDK, Firestorm, JLD, Red Lanterns, Hawkman, Talon

I liked seeing Booster in Western. One of the things New 52 does well is put characters in places I wouldn’t expect them. Booster with Jonah, Blockbuster with Hawkman, etc. It is an interesting balance.

Batman: TDK is getting pretty dark but I do like it. A solid Mad Hatter story with a couple small issues.

Firestorm is decent. It has a lot to wrap up with inly one issue left.

JLD is getting better. I liked seeing all the different nightmares.

Red Lanterns felt like another filler issue. But it was still interesting.

Hawkman feels like it is struggling to find a way to end the series? Like it could have ended after last arc but got told to keep going but then got canceled? It is in a weird middle ground.

Talon is getting better. I actually liked his interaction with Batman.

Mehs: Superman

This issue felt like a Rom-com episodes without the com. It was just weird.

Final Thoughts: I, Vampires

I really loved this series. It was a previously unexplored corner of the DCU for me. And it had a neat balance to it. If DC releases something similar to this now, I’d buy it. Final grade: Love.

And I am all caught up now. Thanks for reading everyone!


My facebook memories today reminded me of the Free Comic Book Day from 2013. I had been traveling with friends and randomly saw a comic shop and we all decided to go in. I got a handful of comics and looking at the picture today I realize that they’re the first comics I ever read (besides manga). That FCBD is what taught me what the New 52 was and that it was a place I could jump into comics without worrying about continuity.

I’m not sure why I haven’t made that connection before but it was kind of funny to realize this morning. I still have them somewhere. (I do need to reorganize my short boxes.)

Anyway here’s the picture of the comics. I do find it funny that it was a Superman comic that got me to finally read DC comics when, as I’m reading through it now, I am not enjoying that run.

I remember the shop owner was giving out the Avengers issue even though it wasn’t part of FCBD.


Week 5/1/13 is complete!

No re-reads.

Loves: Detective Comics, Earth 2, Worlds Finest

Emperor Penguin grew on me. I knew Copplepot would be back, he always is. But it was a neat storyline.

Earth 2 is taking a lot of time setting their world up, but I do like it. Having Flash with an open identity and Green Lantern be the rich one who keeps his ID a secret and funds everyone is a cool twist.

Worlds Finest is also building up. Each issue feels like a mini adventure and I’m not sure if it is a good or bad thing, but I have loved every issue but I’m not sure about the overall plot.

Likes: Animal Man, Batwing, Green Arrow, Phantom Stranger, The Movement, Swamp Thing

I thought I was reading the wrong comic for the first part of Animal Man. It was a bit confusing but I see how it all ties in.

I’m going to miss David as Batwing but I do find it weird that they change to Luke and put him in Africa. They should have just kept David. Or kept Luke in Gotham, or at least America somewhere.

Green Arrow is getting better. I’m happy Naomi survived. And this plot is was better than previous arcs.

I didn’t think about The Stranger taking Philip’s identity until this issue. It is a neat idea and I like how it was shown.

I’m going to need a few more issues of this series to make a full decision but I liked the first issue. An interesting cast and premise. And I’ll read almost anything written by Gail Simone.

Swamp Thing and Superman crossover was nice, with Scarecrow. It worked well.

Mehs: Action Comics, Dial H, Stormwatch

Lex inventing a virus that only he can stop? I think I’m just as tired of Lex as I am of the Joker.

I don’t know what is happening in Dial H anymore.

Stormwatch changed its lineup and I don’t like it as much as the previous one.

That’s all I got for last week. I’ll do this week’s reading later. Thanks for reading!

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Alan has always been rich, but I do not know of him ever funding the team.


Week of 5/8/13 is complete.

Re-reads: Batman, Batman and Robin

I do like a good Clayface story. I feel like he isn’t used as often. But I did like him in Tynion’s Detective run as part of the Bat fam better than as a villain.

This is the weird part of Batman and Robin. I love this series, I have no idea how it didn’t get canceled or get it’s name changed. But I did like seeing Jason and Bruce work together, even if it was just for a moment.

Loves: Constantine, GLC

I really am enjoying Constantine. It is a fun book. Hellblazer and his other books have always been on my to-read list. Maybe one day I’ll actually get to them.

This was a fun, almost filler episode. Though the release date feels out of order since this is the epilogue for First Lantern and the final issue of that isn’t til the end of the month. But whatever.

Likes: Deathstroke, Demon Knights, JLA, Ravagers, Suicide Squad, Superboy, Team 7

Deathstroke was interesting. I don’t like how this issue and the one before spoiled the Ravager’s ending.

Demon Knights continues its DnD quest and I love it. No notes.

JLA is fun. I’m still not sold on the cast but they aren’t awful.

Ravagers would have been better if I didn’t know that they would all be okay between Deathstroke and Teen Titans issues already spoiling that.

Suicide Squad seems to have a small reboot. I love the addition of Unknown Soldier and James Gordon Jr. A fascinating team. Poor Harley. I wish they would do something better with her, though.

Superboy feel like he has no direction. These aren’t bad issues but they haven’t been great either.

Team 7 the series, started off so great and I was confused by the end, that I don’t even know where Majestic came from. Also, at the end of this issue, Trevor’s report says Waller is MIA or KIA. But is obviously isn’t. So what happened there? Do we get that story elsewhere?

Mehs: Katana, Threshold

Yeah, it is a cool idea to break SoulTaker. But this series still hasn’t hooked me and I can’t figure out why.

Threshold is a cool concept but I wish they used a could more familiar characters.

Final Thoughts: Deathstroke, The Ravagers, Team 7

Deathstroke started off as a neat action comic with an adventure of the week style plot. Toward the end it panicked and tried to do an overall plot and that doomed it. Then it spoiled Terra and Rose surviving Ravagers. And tied it so much to Team 7 that I lost track of what was happening in which comic. Not an awful comic but suffered with tie-ins. Final Grade: Like.

The Ravagers had a chance. It was a weird team spinning out of the Culling. Kind of a Teen Titans 2.0 vibe. But they never found their place. They also suffered from being to closely related to too many other series. The clone reveal in the last issue was one of the best parts and it was passed over so Slade could take Terra and his daughter and go back to his comic. Final Grade: Like.

Team 7 was a cool idea. I liked the team and the balance. But then they tried to tie it into what felt like every single 52 series DC had going on. If you asked me to explain what happened in just this series, I probably couldn’t tell you. I wish they had done this series first, then after it ended did all the tie ins with Deathstroke, Suicide Squad, Birds of Prey, and everyone else. It would have made more sense. Final Grade: Like. (Only because all the characters are cool. And I can see what they were trying to do) Meh for the actual way they did it.

That’s it for this week. Thanks for reading. I’m still a week behind. I’ll catch up eventually.


Great to see you having fun with the best series in New 52.

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