Reading ALL of the New 52

EP 075

Was this the first Lemire issue of Green Arrow? Lord, you are in for a treat!

Agree that Rotworld “ended” on a nothing-burger, but the epilogues do give it some weight.

Don’t forget the “Young Romance” Valentine’s one shot came out this week!


I think it is Lemire’s first issue. I haven’t been a fan of Green Arrow so far. Hopefully, I like it going forward.

I have the Young Romance on my list for next week! So, I’ll read it then.


Only two more weeks until the best series in New 52.


Wanting to get back on this but thinking of reading collected editions/volumes rather than single issues. Will I miss out on crossovers or events enough that it won’t be worth it?



I just read serieses, and crossovers.

I recently resd Justice League and skipped Throne of Atlantis knowing I would soon read Aquaman and read it then.

DCU is good at collecting storylines to make it easy to follow crossovers.


I made a spreadsheet when I started building up my collection that keeps track of what issues are in each of the TPBs to ensure I got everything covered. Give me some time and I can reformat it to get it flowing in generally release order with crossover points marked.


I’ll keep updating this post as I get more of it figured out. This is a very rough ordering of the New 52 TPBs, somewhere between chronological and release. I guess you could call it the intended order, but again, very roughly.


For the most part, this wave can be read in any order as there are few crossovers at this time. I’ll put any dips into other stories I can recall in italics.

  • Vol 1 - Justice League
  • Vol 1 - Action Comics
  • Vol 1 - Animal Man
  • Vol 1 - Swamp Thing
    Keep Animal Man and Swamp Thing together until Rotworld ends
  • Vol 1 - Demon Knights
  • Vol 1 - Green Arrow
  • Vol 1 - Hawk & Dove
  • Vol 1 - Mister Terrific
  • Vol 1 - Huntress
  • Uncollected - My Greatest Adventure
  • Vol 1 - Justice League International
  • Vol 1 - Men of War
  • Vol 1 - O.M.A.C.
  • Vol 1 - Frankenstein: Agent of S.H.A.D.E.
    OMAC #5 → Frankenstein #5
  • Vol 1 - Captain Atom
  • Vol 1 - Static Shock
  • Vol 1 - All-Star Western
  • Vol 1 - Blue Beetle
  • Vol 1 - Deathstroke
  • Vol 1 - Fury of Firestorm: The Nuclear Men
  • Vol 1 - DC Universe Presents
  • Uncollected - The Ray
  • Vol 1 - Blackhawks
  • Vol 1 - Legion Lost
  • Vol 1 - Legion of Super-Heroes
  • Vol 1 - Justice League Dark
  • Vol 1 - Voodoo
  • Vol 1 - Grifter
  • Vol 1 - Aquaman
  • Vol 1 - The Shade
  • Vol 1 - Supergirl
  • Vol 1 - Suicide Squad
  • Vol 1 - Superboy
  • Vol 1 - Teen Titans
    Superboy and Teen Titans bounce around each other
  • Vol 1 - StormWatch
  • Vol 1 - Superman
  • Uncollected - Phantom Lady and Doll Man
  • Vol 1 - Red Hood and the Outlaws
  • Vol 1 - Batwoman
  • Vol 1 - Penguin: Pain and Prejudice
  • Vol 1 - Detective Comics
  • Vol 1 - Birds of Prey
  • Vol 1 - Batman: The Dark Knight
  • Vol 1 - Resurrection Man
  • Vol 1 - Batgirl
  • Vol 1 - Batwing
  • Uncollected - The Human Bomb
  • Vol 1 - Nightwing
  • Vol 1 - Green Lantern
  • Vol 1 - Green Lantern Corps
  • Vol 1 - Green Lantern: New Guardians
  • Vol 1 - Red Lanterns
    GL:NG and Red Lanterns dip in and out as Bleez becomes sentient
  • Vol 1 - Catwoman
  • Vol 1 - Flash
  • Vol 1 - Wonder Woman
  • Vol 1 - Batman and Robin
  • Uncollected - Night Force
  • Vol 1 - Savage Hawkman
  • Vol 1 - Batman

We end with Batman so we can roll right into ‘Night of the Owls’ in the next Wave.


Very appreciated! Thanks so much!


Week of 2/12/2014 - Ep 128

Highlight: Superman/Wonder Woman: Tony S Daniel’s art is always top tier, but I really like the way this series actually gives the Clark/Diana romance some gravity by exploring how different they really are.

Lowlight: Superboy: At the risk of being repetitive, this title continues to be held back by every other title. It comes to a full-stop halfway through just to show what’s going on in Teen Titans this month. Superboy has only ever existed via the books he cameos in, and this book suffers for it.


Week of 2/13/13 is complete.

Re-reads: Batgirl, Batman, Batman and Robin.

I liked the dual POVs with Babs and James in this one. It was neat.

Batman was okay. I’m so happy Death of the Family is over. This issue had two of my favorite Bat moments. Bruce giving Alfred a bell, telling him to ring when he needs something and Alfred being offended by the idea.

And the whole Bat Fam texting/calling Bruce to say they are ‘busy’ and can’t come by. I like this part a lot because they all do it in their own ways. Tim and Babs text with a reasonable excuse. Damian leaves a post-it note on his door, Jason doesn’t do anything and Dick calls Bruce to apologize for not showing. It is a somber moment.

Batman and Robin was a filler issue before Requiem. But I really liked it. I feel like they wanted to do more with it, but were unable due to Requiem coming up so quick after Death of the Family.

Loves: Demon Knights, Superboy, Young Romance Special

Demon Knights was fun. It is a nice break from the Bat fam angst that I read directly before it.

Superboy was good. We are getting some nice character development for Kon. I feel like He’l was a good event for him.

I didn’t want to like this special because I don’t like these type of things but I did like it. The Aquaman and Nightwing ones were my favorite. I laughed out loud at the end of the Nightwing one, so well done whoever wrote that.

Likes: Deathstroke, Ravagers, Suicide Squad, Team 7, Threshold

Deathstroke continues to be a cool action comic. I don’t have much else to say about it.

Ravagers has so much going on but it is still interesting. Somehow. I’m not sure why.

Suicide Squad is just a fun book. I always forget that. It is because Harley is in it.

Team 7 has some convoluted stuff going on. Even after reading everything to this point, I’m confused. But I like all the characters involved.

Threshold is cool. Poor Jaime. I think this suffers a bit from too many new characters. But it is still neat.

Mehs: Katana

I really wanted to like this. But the art threw me out of it. I think the plot sounds mostly interesting. Her narration is a bit weird. So, between that and the art I really couldn’t get into this. If I was buying this, I wouldn’t get the next issue.

That’s it for this week. Thanks for reading!


One more week and you start the best series in New 52.


EP 076

For me, Katana is one of the worst missteps of the New 52 thus far, it only falls further from here.

I also appreciate the characterization of Superboy, I just wish he could go ten seconds without an event.

I think the biggest issue for me with Death of the Family’s ending is that it doesn’t feel like Joker did anything so incredibly awful that it should have torn the family apart. Especially the part where Alfred keeps them together in the cave, it seems that they should end up even closer after all of this. The varying tie-ins did not help it at all.


Yeah, as funny as I found the ending of Death of the Family, with everyone avoiding Bruce, I wish there was a post scene of Bruce in the cave, and then all the kids coming to check on Alfred. They can all avoid Bruce all they want, but check in with Alfred. He did nothing wrong.

And, with Katana, I really like her character. I just haven’t read much of her before. So, her solo series sounded cool. But that first issue didn’t hook me at all. I’ll have to look for other series with Katana. I know she was an Outsider for a while. I’ll have to read one of those series, I guess.


Week of 2/19/2014 - Ep 129

Highlight: Animal Man: With only one issue left of Jeff Lemire’s run and the comic as a whole, the arc wraps up on a very strong note. It feels properly large in scale and grand in execution. Looking forward to seeing the coda next month.

Lowlight: Birds of Prey: Gothtopia is a destructive force and whoever in editorial decided it needed to have tie-ins clearly only decided it 2 minutes before the deadline. Birds of Prey not only undoes decisions form last issues to get this tie-in working, but then works double time to get it over with. Hard skip.


Animal Man feels like it has been your favorite from the beginning. Am I right?


I don’t know if I’d say favorite, I,Vampire was definitely up there. AM is just so consistently good throughout over two years now. Lemire being the writer the whole time feels like he really had something to say, and he was actually able to change the status quo of the character in meaningful ways.

I can only think of one or two other runs with writers staying on this long so far, one of which is Lobdell’s Teen Titans, which should prove how rare a success like this is.


Justice League and Wonder Woman?

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Wonder Woman I definitely like for all the same reasons, it’s just moving a bit slower than AM.

Justice League I do see as a solid book, but it doesn’t have the same freedom to disrupt the status quo as I like. There’s always the sense that once the arc is over, everything will be the same as it was going in.


I was referring to that part with the writers staying. Those are the only 2 52 issue runs I have read all the way through (I suggest stopping Wonder Woman after Azzarello and Chiang leave).

Justice League in Injustice League completely changed the status quo.

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Unfortunately I can’t stop even if I wanted to. I have a show to do lol

As for Justice League, that’s harder to define for me as anything it does is linked to an event or the line as a whole. Did Justice League change it’s status quo or was it technically Forever Evil as a separate book that made the changes?

Animal Man has a major character death in a random issue and the ramifications of that are felt for the entire rest of the run. It didn’t need a line wide event to make changes. Part of the benefit of being on the outskirts I suppose.