Reading ALL of the New 52

Impressive! Is that the first week that was the case?


I don’t think so? I believe my only consistent Meh’s so far have been the two Legion series. :sweat_smile:

Edit: I guess I did have Catwoman and the Supman series as Unsures for a bit too. But I still feel like I had weeks where I liked everything.


I am caught up on these as well. Still not a fan of Omac, but it is almost over. Also not a fan of the art in Animal Man. I enjoyed all of the other comics.


Week of 1/11/12 is complete!

Re-reads: Batgirl, Batman and Robin.

One of the comic book cliches I love is the one hero coming to save the secret identity of the other while pretending to not know the person. So Batgirl telling Bruce Wayne to run while she fights off the bad guy, is just a great issue to me. Though, it looks like next issue will be better.

And, while I know how this partnership ends, I love this dynamic with Nobody and Damian. Plus, Bruce and Alfred figuring out just how angry Damian is. It was a great issue.

Love: Demon Knights, Resurrection Man, Suicide Squad.

I laughed out loud when Horse Woman shot that arrow all the way to where What’s his name, (I’m so bad with names, guys) really was. That was a great scene. I can’t wait to learn more about her. Plus, I love how every single one of the 7 refused the offers so casually. It was nice.

Resurrection Man is consistently good. We keep getting more info on Mitch, but all it does is leave me with more questions. But I really like it. Suicide Squad was fun this week. Of course it was Harley. I’m not a big fan of her trying to find Joker, but good for her, for breaking out of Belle Reve.

Like: Batwoman, Deathstroke, Frankenstein, Green Lantern, Grifter, Mister Terrific, Superboy.

I like how Kate reacted when confronted by Director Bones. I assumed she’d play double agent but I guess not. Deathstroke was interesting. I liked the backstory.

Frankenstein was not as great as usual this week. I’m not sure if it is because I saw it in a different art style on OMAC last week, but it just didn’t sit well with me this week. But I haven’t had problems with it before. It was also almost exact to the OMAC issue, just from Frank’s point of view. Those aren’t my favorite type’s of crossovers. I’d rather it continue on from where OMAC left off, instead of telling the same story.

Green Lantern wrapped up a good arc. Sinestro is a cool character, depending on what he is up to. Can’t wait to see what the Guardians do now. Grifter is in a bit of trouble now, but I do enjoy all the action. It has a nice pace to it.

I liked this issue of Mister Terrific. Py’lothia was a cool character. I assume they are a one-shot character but I’d totally read a comic if they were in it.

And Superboy. Not a bad story. Just not my Kon. I did miss the Culling when I read New 52 stuff the first time, so this should be fun whenever we get to that.

Meh: Legion Lost. It was better this week. But I’m just as lost as they are. Though, I think that was the end of that arc, hopefully it gets a little more coherent for me next issue.

That’s it for this week!


I am caught up again. No complaints about this week’s comics, not even about the art. I agree that this Superboy is nothing like prior versions, but I guess that is the point. Batwoman is just ok for me.


I love the artwork in Batwoman and I think that makes me like the book more than I normally would.


Week 1/18/12 is complete!

Re-reads: Batman, Nightwing.

I loved this issue of Batman the first time I read it but it was hard to read digitally. I was holding my computer upside down at one point. I like the idea and how it disorients you the same way Bruce is. It just doesn’t work on a computer. Nightwing was fun. I do like his stuff with the circus.

Love: Birds of Prey, DC Presents, Green Lantern Corps, Wonder Woman.

I love the idea of 5 people suddenly not remembering the last 24 hours. And Katana just casually asking her dead husband’s soul in her sword what happened. 10/10 stars for me. Plus, for Batgirl’s sass to Ivy. And whatever is happening to Starling at the end there.

The last issue for the Deadman special was fantastic. I loved the leadup to the reveal of the question and then Rama’s response to it. I loved how Boston helped Johnny at the end too.

I might have actually read this run of Green Lantern Corps before because I know what happens next with John and company. But I don’t think I read all of it. Either way, this was a great issue. I love seeing the variety of the corps. It isn’t just Hal Jordan.

I laughed out loud on the last page of Wonder Woman. Amazing. Beautifully done.

Like: Blue Beetle, Captain Atom, Catwoman, Legion of Superheroes, Red Hood, Supergirl.

Blue Beetle almost got a love this week. It was a solid issue, between Jamie trying to help his friend and the Aunt reveal. Captain Atom still feels like it is figuring itself out as a series. But the monster thing looks cool.

Catwoman was fun this week. I did enjoy this issue. Her panic when she realized where the money came from was really funny.

Legion gets a like this week! Not a lot happened but I was able to follow it all. Even though there are a million characters. Red Hood was good too. Kory seems to be a bit better. I liked Jason’s flashbacks.

Supergirl was interesting. I wasn’t sure what she was going to find. But I enjoy how this is all being set-up.

Meh: No mehs this week!

That’s it for my essay this week!


I am caught up again. Not a fan of the upside down and sideways panels in Batman. This is my first time actually reading the Court of Owls, although I have heard of them. I’m not sure how I feel about Captain Atom yet, but I am interested in where this story goes. Blue Beetle is very different from Ted Kord, who is still my favorite. All in all, I enjoyed this week’s books.


The Court of Owls work way better as Scooby-Doo villains than Batman villains.

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This happened with the ‘Let Them Live! Unpublished Stories from the DC Vault’ as well and it was infuriating. I love the creativity when I’m holding a book but trying to read it on a tablet or device that turns as you turn it is, well, infuriating.


Hey, I am posting first this week! I enjoyed all of this week’s comics, even All Star Western. I am enjoying Jonah Hex and Dr. Arkham in Gotham. I have read Justice League before but don’t remember it well. It is interesting to see the heroes getting to know each other. I enjoyed all of the art, especially in Green Lantern New Guardians.


Week of 1/25/12 is complete!

Re-reads: Flash and Green Lanterns: New Guardians. The plot of Flash’s Mob Rule arc is great but I can’t get over the art. It’s so good. And GL:NG is just fun with all the different Corps.

Love: Justice League, All-Star Western, Aquaman, Blackhawks, I, Vampires.

This is a fun JL read. I forget how it is almost word for word with the movie, but it is a fun one. Hal not know who Bruce Wayne is, is just perfect. All-Star Western is cool. The balance between action and plot is perfect. Plus, Arkham’s narration just blends it all together well.

Poor Aquaman. He gets no respect. But somehow still gets the win. Blackhawks gets a love this week. It was a fun one. Sort-of out smarting the super computer is always fun to see.

It’s interesting to see how many books took 5 issues to get to Gotham. I, Vampire doesn’t need Batman in it. But it is funny. I think these characters can carry the book without Batman. But I’m sure he will stick around for a bit.

Like: Batman: TDK, Firestorm, Justice League Dark, Savage Hawkman, Superman, Teen Titans, Voodoo.

I always forget that Scarecrow is at the top of my Batman Rogues list until I read a Scarecrow story. This plot did feel like an excuse to have a Batman vs. Superman fight, but it was still cool.

Firestorm is building something interesting. And I am liking where the series is heading. JLD had a confusing end to their first arc. But I think that is how most magic books go.

I like this version of Hawkman. Deciphering ancient texts is the perfect job for him. Superman is still iffy for me. But good enough for a like.

Teen Titans are doing their best. But their best is rough. Voodoo has gotten a lot better for me during the last few issues. The twist at the end of this issue is cool.

Mehs: No mehs this week!

That’s it for this week! Thanks for reading!


I will probably give Origins a reread in a few months (when I am ready to review Justice League War since I have a few other films higher on the list), but I do not remember the wording to be that similar. I guess I will see if I remember right then.