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@cbplanets: Then they don’t like to read 'em and there’s nothing wrong with that. All I’m saying is that there MAY be people out there who signed up for the shows who MIGHT also either like comics or who MIGHT decide to give them a try anyway even though that’s not what they signed up for. If someone doesn’t care for them I’m not going to even bother trying to persuade them to try them anyway because that’s waste of time.


Bravo Jason!

So many people on this service seem so passionate about “DC” but also seem to have little to no interest in the comics that spawned the great “DC”!

Heck yeah, read some darn comics! There are so many great stories and great characters to enjoy. Bummed about Swamp Thing being cancelled, when you’ve only seen three episodes? Read the HUNDREDS of issues on this service to ease your pain! Can’t stand the pain of waiting for back half of season 3 of Young Justice? Check out Teen Titans in all its iterations. READ SOME DARN COMICS!

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Pssst…Hey guys who don’t read comics you wanna know a secret most of the time if not all the comics are way better that any of the shows or movies


I get the feeling that a lot of people who scream about the “source material” actually mean the Timmverse + Killing Joke (because they all know “one bad day”).

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Sorry but I read the comic books and I have disagree that the comics are better than the cartoons/movies.

Voice acting is and will always be the identity of most DC heroes/villains to me, sure one can argue “Just imagine Mark Hamil and Kevin Conroy’s voice when reading” but it’s not the same as actually hearing it along to moving motion. Plus, we can’t really imagine how exactly they’d say it. I also love the fight scenes of say, Arrow on CW and how it brings character interaction into fruition.

Come to think of it, video games might be the top of DC’s quality entertainment mediums. The Arkham games, Injustice 2 and Lego DC games, it’s a shame there aren’t more but hey, they are fairly new adaptations.

All that said, comics do have certain advantages.

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I have to disagree for the most part as well. My favorite animated movie is Under the Red Hood and I feel its way better than the actual comic book version of the story. Don’t get me wrong I like the “source material” well enough but it was a bit decompressed and the movie streamlined a lot of it so that the overall story flowed better in my opinion.

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Just to clarify what I said, I don’t have the service for the comics because I buy comics every week and read them and have been collecting and reading them for a long time, so as cool as it is that they have the comics, I got the service for the streaming content and original shows, so like I said, not everyone is here for the comics, that doesn’t mean I’m not a fan of comics, don’t read comics and don’t love DC, it amazes me that people are so negative, jump to conclusions and constantly attack or have negative opinions about others…


Wile the comics is a nice addition I’m the same I mainly got this for live action content . You have to remember the way this was promoted it was promoted as a streaming service . That’s like Netflix saying instead of original tv and movie content here’s books to read . It’s not a bash I’m just trying to help you understand why I and others feel cheated . I know people who prefer pysichal copies of comics over digital. For me it’s either or . You have to admit it’s not looking good if 2 popular shows got canceled. I haven’t watched doom patrol but that’s a bad sign man. If they want to keep customers happy and subscribers higher they need yo do more . It’s common sense . I have no idea about business but even I can see through it

@blue_felt_messiah: I hope what I said didn’t offend you in some way. I apologize if I somehow made you think I was attacking you simply because of a direct reply

I read omnibus’s those cost me 75-150 but they have a lot that I cant get from here sometimes.