Read & Discuss: Beware the Batman

There are a decent amount of threads about Beware the Batman the show (highly recommended - definitely go check it out), but I wanted to discuss the comic series.

*Inspired by a conversation with @TheBatmanofNML

Here is the link to read on DCU:
:open_book: Beware the Batman (12-Issue Series)

Things to Love

:batman_hv_1: Similar to the show, it features a rarely seen cast including Katana, Professor Pyg, Tobias Whale, and Killer Croc.

:batman_hv_1: Each story is set across 2 issues. Combine the widescreen pages with panel mode and it has a cinematic quality - much like watching the episodes!

:batman_hv_1: The art, for me, harkened back to a 1990s “Saturday morning cartoon”. I loved the creative liberties in design and it really enriched the storytelling.


The last 2 stories are told from Alfred’s perspective - from getting ready in the morning to saving Batman. It reminded me of the Supernatural episode where we spend a day in Bobby’s shoes. I’d love to see what others thought!

Have you checked it out? What do you think of the series?


I’ll read it after I finish the series I’m on! If there is a read along I may stop the series I’m on and read it sooner.


Keep your eyes open — the 11th issue features a cameo by a kid who was most likely intended to be Jason Todd.


That’s fantastic @TheBatmanofNML! I’m looking forward to hearing about your re-read!

I thought it was a Robin, @HubCityQuestion but didn’t know it was Jason Todd. Great catch! Thank you for adding to the thread!

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