Read comics not removed from reading list

Why are comics I’ve finished still showing up in dive back in section?

Possibly becayse it thinks you are still on the last page.

I think the “Dive Back In” thing is more of a “History” section. It has my entire reading and watching history recorded since I started the app when it first came out. Maybe I’m wrong about that though

It is only like this on my phone. Website is different. It’s Just maddening for my OCD

Hi @rickreason, we’ll eventually be moving this over to the Support & Feedback section, but wanted to apologize for the inconvenience this causes for you. :confused: For the comics you’ve completed, it sounds like it’s showing up differently for you when you access it via website than it does when accessing via phone? So the “Dive Back In” section’s empty via website?

If you’d like, please also reach out to us via Customer Service, so we can better help you, as you can provide the specific details for each device being used: