Read BATMAN: WHITE KNIGHT #1 and Other Essential Comics Free on DC Universe!

Hey superhero fans! Would you or someone you know like to sample some of the mighty fine comic books we have here on DC Universe, but you’re not yet a subscriber? Well now you can. Because we’ve just made two dozen of our all-time most popular issues available to read for free – including such modern classics as the action-packed Batman: White Knight #1, the apocalyptic Kingdome Come #1, and the mindbending All Star Superman #1. You can check out the full list in our News Article, and access any one of these books via our DC Essential Reads page.

Then let us know which comic was your favorite in the comments below!


I cannot believe this was finally uploaded…now I can see what the hullabaloo was about!


So many great comics it’s hard to make up my mind :sweat_smile:
I would have to go with frank miller’s classic, the dark knight returns

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Found out this was gonna be hosted here, it’s actually the reason I subbed to DC Universe… Well, that and Harley.


Amazing @Kalbos, welcome to the Community! Hope you enjoy your stay, we have lots of great discussions around comics, shows, All The Things! And if you get a chance, we’d love to hear a little more about you in our Roll Call area. Happy reading!

Making my way through White Knight now, it is indeed pretty good. :slight_smile:

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I just absolutely love reading comings on this app :blush:

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I just love reading comics on this app

Somebody was eating their brain food (I’ve heard it’s fish) when they came up with this giveaway idea!!! It’s really a good one!!!

Any thought to other Black Label titles coming to the Universe?