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WildStorm Universe Presents:

Join us as we read the original 3 issues of the 2003 mini-series by WildStorm imprint Homage Comics.

Then, check out our watch party post and the 4 character feature prequel comics created for the movie!


Written by: Warren Ellis
Artist: Cully Hamner


Retired agent Paul Moses thought he could leave the CIA behind, until his former employers went after him for knowing too much.

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Oh hey, the club’s finally started! Cool. :slight_smile:

I vaguely remember reading this when it was in a library years back, and that’s about it. It should be interesting to read it again, especially with the movie in mind.


Started it has, and “Welcome! Welcome! Welcome!” :nerd_face:

We’ve got some wild stuff coming, so buckle up, as the storm’s just beginning! :superman_hv_4:

I’ve never read Red. I nearly did when the movie came out, but I held off.

However, I love the movie, so I’m eager to finally check out its source material.


I am confused about what we are reading. It says the character specials but then all of the links are for series and the Prequel Special.


I can fix that! :smiley:


Blame Malkovich.

Go on, he won’t care. :grin:

shakes fist Malkovich’s way


Sweet!! I will try to read them tomorrow!!!


Updated! :smiley:


I’mma go with “reloaded”, because as Clarence Bodicker said in Robocop, “Guns! Guns! Guns!”

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I have read Red 1-3 and the Character Specials. I still need to read the Prequel Special.

Red was enjoyable. The art was excellent for the story it told. One big difference, the main character is Paul Moses not Frank Moses. Generally, it is the same character. Both bald, both resemble Bruce Willis.

I think I enjoyed the lightning quick story told in the original series over the character specials. That doesn’t mean the character speciala are slouches but it they didn’t have time to breathe like the original. Nor was there time to grow attached to the characters.

The character specials are more of an anthology set in the same world. While it builds characters for the movie there are quick stories being told. I like Joe’s the best and would have preferred to see this one go into a 2-3 issue series.

Edit: Just finished Prequel Special.

Like the other books, I enjoyed the Prequel Special. However, this left me with more questions than any of the other books. I am guessing if I watched the movie it might make more sense.

This book tried to blend Paul and Frank into one character and even goes out of its way mentioning he doesn’t even know his own name. Yet, when this was brought up, we learned his real name and even saw him use his real name. So yeah, that is something that happened. Outside of that, the story was fun and what I have come to expect from a Red comic.

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