[REACTIONS] The Flash S7 E6 - "The One with the Nineties" - Spoilers!

The_Flash_season_7 (1) Synopsis: Cisco and Chester travel back in time and get stuck in 1998, repeating the same day over and over again. The key to returning home is at Chester’s childhood home but he refuses to visit.

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THIS is what I’ve been waiting for with Chester! What a fantastic character spotlight.


Where the hell is Tom Cavanagh?! If they lied to us about him never leaving, I’m going to be so pissed.

Why was the Still Force more human than Strength and Sage?


Did they ever say he was specifically never gonna leave? I just remember them saying he wasn’t completely done after Nash’s sacrifice, which is true, we just only ended up getting 1 more episode w/ him as Earth-1 Wells. I figure he’ll be back in some capacity eventually to play Thawne and maybe another Wells or 2, but it really does seem like his days as a regular are over


Fun episode.

A fun 90s adventure with Cisco and Chester with fun references and all that.

Chester and his stand out episode was great. Nice backstory and great father son moment.

Cisco being a nice friend and had fun 7 year old stranger danger moment :joy:

Frost and Katlyn getting a peek at there new roommates dynamic. And now she’s knows she’s getting hunted.

Speed Forec learning more about Barry and humidity was interesting. Cool to see more callback to Barry’s origin. Haven’t heard that in a while.

The time travel mayhem felt like legends and was fun. Great stuff all around.

And another force rises and the names are given. Changed the still force a bit but I don’t know much about it so I could be wrong :sweat_smile:.

Also I do t trust the speed force. Somethings up with her.

What will happen with these new forces? What’s Chester building? Will Frost get caught? Same Flash Time Same Flash Channel.


Yes, they explicitly said he wasn’t going anywhere.


So I think I found the relevant quote regarding Cavanagh’s future on the show after the season premiere

But if Nash and all the Wellses in his brain are gone, does that means Team Flash will have to move forward without a Wells since they, and everyone on Earth-Prime, are under the impression that the multiverse is dead? (Reminder: The multiverse is alive and well, but the characters don’t know that.)

“No,” showrunner Eric Wallace tells EW. “Tom Cavanagh is still part of the show. I would just say that we’ve already seen there’s an infinite numbers of Wellses. Just because they’re all dead doesn’t mean that should change. And Tom Cavanagh has more to do in season 7 — much more to do.”

So yeah, having him back for just 1 episode after Nash’s sacrifice definitely isn’t the same as him having “much more to do.” This does seem to all but confirm that he’ll be back at some point, but these past few episodes have also shown that he’s clearly not serving in the same sort of regular capacity on the show that he was in the 1st 6 seasons


Also a fun Coast city name drop.

And who know they John boiayga (butchered that) to be in this episode :sweat_smile::sweat_smile:

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Hippie Frost is dreamy.




Anyone else cry during Chester’s one more day with his dad? Finding out that his dad did everything for him was so emotional. And teaching him to be resourceful by hiding what his son needs where he will find it. I’m getting choked up again.


I absolutely LOVED that scene. I’ve been on the fence about Chester ever since his first appearance. Here, when he’s with his dad and the entire goofy shtick drops, it made me like him even more as a character and kind of understand why Chester acts the way he does.


Exactly, that’s where I’m at as well. I like Chester but don’t love him. His scene with his dad certainly helped.