[REACTIONS] The Flash S7 E5 - "Fear Me" - Spoilers!

The_Flash_season_7 (1) Synopsis: When a powerful new villain channels and amplifies everyone’s fears in order to wreck havoc on Central City, Barry realizes that he must face his own worst fear in order to beat this new threat.

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What a good episode! It gave me first season vibes. Plus, always glad to see Cecile use her powers.


Nothing but respect for MY Thinker


I enjoyed this episode. And I am glad Cecile got to play a big role in it. Loved that the show referenced The Thinker (my favorite Big Bad besides The Reverse Flash.


Great Episode

Barry fighting through fear and a new villain. Some cool flash speed overall.

Frost and Snow are two and a staying that way. Wonder how it will work out. Nice callback time firestorm. But the new federal person after her. Interesting :thinking:

What did Cisco see? It definitely was Camila in danger.

Cecile got some time to shine with her powers. Awesome™:+1:. And thinker callback nice.

Psych cool villain. Nice look.

The Speed force is there. And it looks like the other forces are only beginning. And it seems like next episode might be a no Barry episode as he’s healing.

What’s with the Speed Force? Will Barry heal form the force going haywire? Will Frost get jailed? All this and more Same Flash Time Same Flash Channel.