[REACTIONS] The Flash S7 E4 - "Central City Strong" - Spoilers!

The_Flash_season_7 (1) Synopsis: The Flash must deal with Abra Kadabra’s sudden return to Centray City; Allegra deals with a tricky situation; Caitlin suspects something is off with Frost; Iris is forced to look at a dark moment in her past.

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Such a good episode…

who was the giant woman who absorbed the anti matter bomb??? I feel like I know her I jus can’t remember
Also I’m really intrigued by the splitting of Caitlin and Frost and how that will play out


My gut feeling is that it’s Fuerza embued w/ the Strength Force


Very nice start of season episode.
Everyone has a hair cut and is ready to go.

Flash still feeling guilt but getting over it. Nice to see him CSIing. Haven’t seen that in a while. Great scene with Abra (who I just found out is Pokadot man in The Suicide Squad​:sweat_smile:) and nice Crisis connections.

Iris still recovering from the mirror wear and a lot of others too. Nice to see that something traumatic like that isn’t just all’s well it ends well.

Cisco as Mecha Vibe now. Making joke and having fun nice to see.

Katlyn is two now. Very interesting :thinking:.

The strong woman. Who’s that. When she first popped up it thought Darksied Mongol and then got a closer look and clearly not :sweat_smile:.

Who is that mystery woman? What with the double Frost? What the Cronothing Abra mentioned? All this and more same Flash Time Same Flash Channel.

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It was awesome seeing Kadabra again! I always wanted him to come back, even though I knew the actor playing him was very busy. He gave one hell of a performance. Even early on, you could see the tears in his eyes when he was talking about what he lost. It’s subtle, but one hell of a choice for an actor!

I’m also glad they’ve toned down Chester. He was really getting on my nerves last season (and into this one) but I think they’ve found an excellent balance with him.

And I’ll take more Caitlyn and Frost any chance I can get!


I agree with this. That was my first thought as well.

This was a great episode. Looks like Danelle Panabaker is going to have a lot more acting to do now. Should be fun!

I like the way this show looks at trauma and the effects it has on everyone. Hopefully, they will continue that and not just have it be a ‘one and done’ scenario.

Also, I think Flash’s new theme song should be “Listen to your Heart”. He would save so much more time if he just did that from the start. :laughing:


I liked this episode, this season is already better than the last. However, the big reveal at the end was a minor let down. I don’t know about anyone else but I found that the best villains of the show were Zoom and Thawn, both speedsters. They brought a level of terror into the show that genuinely excited me more than any of the non-speedster Big Villains. While Savitar, on the other hand, was a letdown, I feel like its time for another speedster, so the speedforce storm had me really excited, and I kind of wish the episode ended with a teaser of something related to that.

Also R.I.P. Wells


I’m not sure if he’s gonna rise to full big bad level, but we are supposed to be getting more of Godspeed this season. I haven’t been too impressed w/ the show’s version of him so far, but I’m still open to them trying to flesh him out and make him an actual developed character (hopefully)


I actually don’t even know if Godspeed will be the villain, they talked about a red death, what if the Chronarcs end up going against Barry, because of something related to the godspeeds. However, the midseason big baddy will have to do with the speedforce storm?

I dunno, my theory is poorly worded and has a bunch of holes, but ye. I don’t know.


I want a Central City Strong shirt.


It’s amazing…Go to the WB’s FLASH TV Facebook page and you see post after post of unrelenting hate and complaints…Come here and It’s a polar opposite. Oh there are people who criticize the shows decisions. But it never seems to be a massive dog pile of negativity!

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