[REACTIONS] The Flash S7 E3 - "Mother" - Spoilers!

The_Flash_season_7 (1) Synopsis: As Eva becomes more powerful, Barry and team must find a way to stop her; an old friend risks her life to help.

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This was what was supposed to be last season’s finale, and it didn’t disappoint! I thoroughly enjoyed the episode. I loved seeing Harrison Wells and I wish he hadn’t gone, but I understood why he did. If I had the chance to relive time with the one I loved, I would take it. I especially appreciated the fight scenes in this episode.


Barry should have gotten Wells to autograph the biography for him


Oh gosh…I didn’t know I needed it…but now I’m kinda upset he didn’t

Also I’m really curious about the four different colored Lightning going different directions


I have some thoughts on a certain character. I would’ve saved the reveal of the original Wells coming back for the end of this episode (as it was supposed to be last season’s finale) Having a Wells come in so soon after Nash’s death kind of took away the impact

Also It was great seeing Sue again. While this is a different take on the Sue I know from the comics, I like those differences. They had to address Ralph, and this wasn’t the worst way to do it


Well red is for reverse flash is negative speed force blue is for zooms chemically enhanced speed power I imagine the yellow would go to kid flash who’s been de-powered until this but I just can’t figure out green

One thing I was thinking about was how it ended with Wells. He chose to relive his life with Tess over and over again…
When Barry died in the Crisis, a subsequent issue of Who’s Who said that he actually became the lightning bolt that created him which allowed him not to die in pain in despair but to actually re-live the greatest years of his life over and over.


I figured the yellow and red would go to KidFlash and Reverse Flash…but I forgot about Zoom
The green has me stumped


I wonder if that is all the other forces? Like Still Force, Strength Force, Sage Force, etc.

I liked this episode. Definitely felt like a finale, so I’m glad they were able to get through all of that. I wonder where it goes from here. Also, Who was Wells looking at when the Speed Force comes back? I thought that is what the final scene was going to be but then it was the colors instead.

Overall, I thought this wrapped up last season very well. I still wish Tom Cavanaugh would hang around as a regular again. But I’m sure he’ll be back.


@Row.Harper I also thought he was looking at someone and it was gonna pay off in the last seconds! Good to know it’s not just me


Last season finale​:sweat_smile:.

Barry getting the powers back through live with Crisis connection was great and sweet. The end fight was amazing. Frost and Cisco fighting was great. The Lightning tornado Barry did was very awesome™:+1:.

The defeat of MM fit the theme of love and compassion. Very sweet way. Wonder if we’ll see the mirror world she built one day :thinking:.

Wells returned in a cool way with a great explanation of “Wells Wells Wells… Wells Wells Wells”:joy: and is now Doctor Manhattan Wells :sweat_smile:. Doesn’t seem like his end but nice to see him with a happy ending.

Ralph and Sue return. I’ve to see them hope we see more from time to time. And the way they felt with Ralph was horrifying. Poor burnt Ralph but did get a fun robo voice :sweat_smile:. (Sounded like Pathfinder from Apex Legends especially with his happy attitude).

And that tease. More speedsters, more forces, both. :thinking:

What does the speed mean? Will we see Eva again? What’s next for the team? All this and more same Flash Time Same Flash Channel.