[REACTIONS] The Flash S7 E2 - "The Speed of Thought" - Spoilers!

The_Flash_season_7 (1) Synopsis: When Barry suddenly gains the power of speed thinking, he attempts to use his new gift to save Iris; while Barry is thrilled with his new power, Cisco is hesitant to trust it; Eva must face a shattering truth.

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I’ll be honest, between seasons one and two, when Eddie Thawne shot himself and Wells reverted to his true form of Eobard Thawne, and then was erased from existence, part of me always thought that somehow the real Harrison Wells might reconstitute somehow! (I actually had an idea that he would come to himself in the morgue and be banging on the door to his drawer scaring the crap out of Cisco or something) This season is suddenly a lot more fun than I was going to expect it to be!


I really thought this was an interesting episode. And I think Grant Gustin did a great job of playing a nearly emotionless Barry Allen. I am guess next week is what would have been last season’s finale! It will be interesting to see who will be this season’s big bad.


’ I’m waiting for the day where Thawne either disguises himself as Barry or possesses Barry Just to see Grant in the Reverse suit would make my fandom complete!.
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I enjoyed this episode! 1,000,000% felt no emotion from them mourning Nash cause I knew another Wells would show up at some point! That was Jesse Quick’s suit right? Emotionless Barry is a new one. Grant Gustin is very good at his job!


I agree! This was a pretty good episode, with Barry as the main character. Seeing Killer Frost as a speedster to fight Barry was pretty sick! The ending is also a nice tease for the new Flash team dynamic, can‘t wait!


Oh, that would be cool!


How many Easter eggs were in that memorial room (and was that the beginning of the Flash Museum?) I spotted Nora’s XS suit and Ronnie Raymond’s original Firestorm suit. Was that Jessie Quick’s red and yellow near the door at the end of the segment? I’m not sure why her suit would be there, since I believe she took it with her to Earth-2 (preC), unless it had been added as a post-Crisis memorial.


Oh my gosh I am shook…so are we officially getting another Wells


Wow what an episode.

The memoriam touch but I knew another would show. Didn’t realize how many dies. Saw the Wells stuff, XS suit, Colds goggles, Ronnie’s matrix and I think Jesse’s suit.

Emotionless Barry was very interesting. The fights were amazing. Speed Katlin with the return and Cisco beigg by the friendly he is. Alegra using knash’s stuff. Now they got Iris back but at what cost.

Mirror master’s truth is out and now it’s all or nothing. That finale is coming.

And Wells one is back. Wonder how that I’ll play out it. Is it crisis? Is it an affect from the other Wells going free from the speed machine?

How did Well return? What happened to Barry? What happened to Iris? How will team flash recover? All this and more same Flash Time same Flash channel?


Seeing Frost and Cisco back really put a point on how much I miss the old team Flash. Allegra and Chester just don’t have that chemistry with Barry. Allegra always seems like a solution to a problem rather than a character and how Chester is written, it’s just not holding up.


I’m hoping with more time Chester and Allegra will be able to become more developed characters

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