[REACTIONS] The Flash S7 E17 - "Heart of the Matter, Part 1" - Spoilers!

No finale one so I’ll put it here.

Nice finale.

The mind chat with speed was kind of cool. Learned more about him and the. the battle commenced.

All the the speedsters together in a cool speed fight. Nice moments between the whole family.

Alegra and Chester having a nice moment. Vibe and Frost one last fight and fun stuff there.

And the big end fight. Cool battle. RF shows up and then it time for Star Wars​:sweat_smile:. It gave me a chuckle but also was cool. The flash one up ls RF. Definitely feel he’ll be back either in the crossover event or saved for the final episode whenever that may be.

And it ends with a sweet wed…er…vow renewal. Nice song from Impulse and a happy ending for all.

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The season as whole wasn’t bad. Enjoyed the short story style. Definitely saw pandemic affects with it.

The start wrapping up last season would have been a nice end for it. Definitely felt less impactful not beta finale.

Then the Force saga which was cool. A bit odd but had nice moments and fun events. Side story of the Frost court saga which was cool :sweat_smile:.

Then some side stories of Vibes goodbye. Cecils origins. And Allegra’s evolution. Also Chester getting some nice development. And Wells farewell which was nice. Also Joe and Kramer’s story as well leading to a new meta and a nice joe story.

Then the Godspeed War begins and it’s chaos. Something that has been built up for a few seasons now. Had some highs and low but ultimately awesome™:+1: fights and a nice story about family.

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