[REACTIONS] The Flash S7 E15 - "Enemy at the Gates" - Spoilers!

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Synopsis: When an army of Godspeeds attack Central City, Barry and Iris must put their family plans on hold and focus on the latest threat to their home; Chillblaine is released from prison and claims to be reformed but Frost has her doubts.

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I’m just impressed that Morena Baccarin has stuck around as Gideon for this long


Barry back in the suit! Felt like forever! And you know, while I was kind of done with the Ultraviolet stuff, I’m glad they took the time to perform that procedure to help undo what Black Hole did to her.


Me too, still angry she’s never credited. Isn’t that mandatory? To credit an actor or actress?


As a Hispanic, every time Allegra speaks Spanish it makes me so angry, the actress obviously doesn’t speak it so I just wish they’d stop having her speak it. With Ultraviolet I can’t tell because of the mask, but she doesn’t sound fluent either. Then look at Superman & Lois and they actually have Hispanics, Kyle Cushing and the actor obviously speak Spanish for example.


I guess she must not actually come into the studio to record lines. Like they’ve probably just been able to have her send in recorded lines from home or something this whole time. I feel like that still warrants credit, but I don’t fully know the details on that sort of arrangement


Well, Alexa Barajas, who plays Ultraviolet, was born in Mexico and her ancestry is Mexican. That having been said, she grew up in Canada, so she might not have grown up speaking Spanish. I had an actress friend who was Mexican American and she did not grow up speaking Spanish because her generation simply weren’t taught the language (her family were afraid it would make her seem less American). At any rate, if an actor isn’t fluent in a language, they probably shouldn’t have their characters speak it!

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I am glad that Cecile seems more involved in the plots during this season! She has become one of my favorite characters on the show.


Agreed! I love her enthusiasm and compassion. She also had that cool spotlight episode two weeks ago.


Great episode.

Ultraviolet get the help she need from the team. And Super Surgeon Katlyn able to do during a Godspeed invasion.

Barry trying to hide the pregnancy which was fun. Nice scene at the start with Nora.

Frost dealing with Mark. And he still doing his thing. A fun Bat/Cat style thing it seems.

The Godspeed attack begins. A very cool fight with the GS’s. And a twist of the civil war. Things looking interesting there.

Cool to see Gideon again in the time room.

Joe on the case with Kramer. And looks like for West it went South fast.

Are Joe and Kramer okay? What with the Godspeed war? Will Flash and Iris have a kid? All this and more Same Flash Time Same Flash Channel

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Okay, interesting.