[REACTIONS] - The Flash S7 E12 - "Good-Bye Vibrations" - Spoilers!

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Synopsis: Cisco and Kamilla tell the team they are leaving Central City. Barry, Iris and Caitlin don’t have much time to digest the news because a new version of Rainbow Raider strikes and OG Team Flash must join together one final time.

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I enjoyed this episode over all. While I hate seeing Cisco and Kamilla leave, I think they gave the characters a good departure. And it was nice seeing an episode centered around a supervillain instead of one centered on the primary story arc of the season. Really, in some ways the episode felt more like one from one of the earlier seasons of The Flash.

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This was a great episode.

The story of stopping a new Rainbow Raider was cool. Lead to great moments such as the euphoria dance party. That was hilarious :joy::joy:. And a way of flash giving a villain a chance at redemption. Definitely early season feels with the villain of the week episode.

A very fun episode and a nice way to say goodbye to Cisco and Kamila. And they be at Star City thanks too good ole Dig and ARGUS.

Team Citizen gets there investigation and with Kamila looks for replacements and have a nice fun goodbye.

Cisco and the team trying to be happy to make him feel better. First Cisco and Chester shows him the vault and nice trip down memory lane with the gadgets and the torch was passed down. Nice.

The team give there goodbyes from Katlyn (Frost goodbye was fun​:sweat_smile:) and Barry with the sweet and sad goodbye. And Joe’s was nice too. The memory flashes hit me hard. Just remember back when this show started all those years ago just hit in the nostalgia and such.

The end with the Poker Face singing was hilarious ending happy. That was nice. This was there goodbye but who knows maybe they’ll pop up again in the series finale.

Also Medusa’s mask makes a return. Wow. What a twist. Haven’t scene that since Elseworlds. Can’t wait to see how that plays out.

Will we see Cisco and Kamila again at some point? Who will replace Kamila at the citizen? What’s with Cecil and Medusa’s Mask?

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Also the turn around when Faksh came back eurphoic. That was hilarious. Is was dying at that scene :joy::joy:

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Gotta love when Grant acts funny like The Flash is supposed to be a very funny character.


The Flash is a stupid as heck show but I’m glad they didn’t botch Cisco’s exit, it was sad, heartbreaking but I am glad it was ONLY OG Team Flash centric.

The Flash needs to stop talking down villains, it’s pathetic at this point.

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