[REACTIONS] Sweet Tooth Season 1 - Spoilers!

SPOILER ALERT! The comments section and trailer may contain spoilers for this series. Please read at your own risk :skull_and_crossbones:

Produced by Robert Downey Jr. himself, Sweet Tooth is finally here in a live action format and the full 1st season is available to watch RIGHT NOW on Netflix!

Synopsis: On a perilous adventure across a post-apocalyptic world, a lovable boy who’s half-human and half-deer searches for a new beginning with a gruff protector.

Are you watching or reading Sweet Tooth? Let us know your thoughts and reactions in the comments below! :candy: :tooth:

HOW TO WATCH: The entire 1st season of Sweet Tooth is available to watch RIGHT NOW on Netflix!

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I caught the first four episodes of Sweet Tooth as part of a press event they held a few weeks ago and absolutely loved them. Looking forward to watching the rest of them this weekend. I highly recommend it if you love good, character based sci-fi/fantasy, regardless of whether or not you’ve read the comics. (Though if you have, the show definitely draws from them.)


Thanks for this, I was still a bit skeptical but I will give it a try.

Is this series is good?

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I’m not going to use the spoiler blur here as the original post, and the header itself, warn of spoilers. I will preface this by saying that I read the entire 40 issue run of the original books just last month and binged all of season one this weekend.

I don’t understand why they changed as much as they did. It’s DRAMATICALLY different than the books and I don’t get why. I really, really enjoyed the books but I did not care for the series for the most part because it was so different than the books. It took us eight full episodes to cover the first five issues of the comics but with almost wholesale changes along the way.

What I didn’t like:

  • They barely show General Abbott yet he’s the villain of the piece. Shouldn’t we know more about the Preserve he’s trying to lure hybrids to? More than just the occasional flyer? Couldn’t they have softened his character rather than Singh’s? Abbott is trying to save humanity - something I think we could all sympathize with given the circumstances. If they showed his life and what he lost to the sick, how he decided to do whatever it took to find a cure and save humanity - even at the expense of the hybrids - we might know why the villain of the piece is the villain. Instead we get a one dimensional monster that looks like he should be captaining a hot air balloon as he chases Sonic the Hedgehog.

  • The sick wiped out most of humanity and a non-hybrid child hasn’t been born in over 10 years, right? It’s bleak out there! Yet…the power is still on. Yet…canned food is still edible (would you eat a can of food you found from 11 years ago?) and everyone has electricity. Hell, a bunch of kids can run an entire amusement park, have the internet and virtual reality games! It’s bleak out there and everyone is scared to catch the sick yet there’s an entire neighborhood of nice homes, nobody wears a mask, all homes have power and plenty of food, and they all get together for parties! What?!? It’s bleak out there, and you have to ride a horse to get around…unless you live in an old zoo, then you have a truck you can drive around. Or you’re part of The Last Men, then you have a tank you can drive around and planes you can fly to drop flyers. It’s bleak out there but The Last Men have plenty of munitions. Plus the trains still run on tracks that…someone(?)…maintains? Come on. They pretty much half-assed it with the apocalyptic conditions from the book and made it bleak when it suited them and everything else works great when they need it to. Like, why wouldn’t the survivors have gathered in a city and maintained some sort of society? Why is everyone’s house in Singh’s neighborhood pristine but their medical clinic looks like it’s about to fall over and it’s overrun by vegetation? Why is it in an old fast-food restaurant? If the power is on why not have it in, I don’t know, a hospital or a clinic? Why are The Last Men taking Gus and Jepperd to the preserve, or wherever they were taking them, on foot/horseback? They have trucks and tanks - we’ve seen them. They even have trains - that’s where they caught them. But instead you capture a hybrid that can talk and you just blindfold him, tie his hands and start walking him behind your horse like it’s Red Dead Redemption?

  • Jepperd is a BEAST in the books but is a pain-killer addicted shell in the show. He never makes a decision and gets pushed into everything by Gus and then by Becky. He protests, he says “follow my lead” and yet he never makes a single major decision in the entire series. Everything that happens is because of something Gus or Becky did and he’s just along for the ride.

  • They whitewashed Singh way too much. That guy is a GREAT actor and I love his portrayal but they basically gave him Jepperd’s story. In the books it’s Jepperd that would do anything for his wife but in the show it’s Singh. I don’t mind it but I liked it better when he was the broken man already resigned to doing horrific things in order to survive and then Gus helps him rediscover his humanity.

  • Gus is too naive in the show. Even after he’s been captured by The Last Men multiple times he still runs off without Jepperd. Plus, again, the inconsistencies drive me crazy that he can smell medicine a block away but he can’t smell or detect a dead body hanging in the tree above him? I get that he’s a kid and he’s out of the woods for the first time but even he, with all the warnings from his father, should be more cautious than he is in the show once he realizes people want to kill him and they’re everywhere.

  • Why not make a show more true to the book? Where Jepperd turns in Gus to get his wife’s remains and then has second thoughts and rescues him? This show is just as dark, as tragic and as upsetting as the books were so why not make it more in line with the story we all know and love - the one that the creators of the show liked so much they bought the rights to it to make the show in the first place. “This book is great! Let’s buy the rights to it and then start making huge changes!”

What I liked:

  • The show is beautifully shot, the sound design is excellent and it’s very well acted.
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