[REACTIONS] Superman & Lois S1 Ep 1- "Premiere" - Spoilers!

Synopsis: In this reboot of the first live-action Superman since Smallville ended in 2011, the family returns to Smallville to handle some Kent family business. Old friendships are rediscovered all while Superman must save the day from a villain at a moment’s notice. Clark and Lois also have concerns with whether or not their two sons could inherit their father’s superpowers.

Are you tuning into the Superman & Lois premiere? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below! :superman:

Superman & Lois premieres on the CW with its 90 minute pilot on Tuesday, February 23 at 5pm PT/7pm CT/8pm ET. You'll be able to watch it again on TNT on Saturday, February 27th at 6pm PT/8pm CT/9pm ET.

The first season will be 15 episodes, and air weekly on Tuesdays on The CW network. After the premiere, the timeslot for the remaining episodes will be 6pm PT/8pm CT9pm ET/.

Superman & Lois is set to follow a slightly different streaming schedule to the majority of the other CW DC Comics shows. Shortly after episodes air, they will be available to watch for free with ads on CW Seed. Superman & Lois will not be available on Netflix, but it will be available on a yet-to-be-announced date after the season ends.


Let’s do this!


So far this is looking great! Very Cinematic and i can appreciate the extra effort to make this look less like a CW show and more like a show about the Most Important Hero in History


I don’t mind the stigma that comes with it being a CW show. This is very interesting thus far.


Alright, I’m all in. The episode started off slow, but it picked up with some serious momentum and the Superman v Luthor battle was awesome! I thought that the domesticated Superman would be a detriment to this show, but it’s just another aspect of the story. So far, so good.


WOW :exploding_head:
The effects, writing, drama, acting, direction, everything so good.

The circumstance for Clark being caught in a rough spot between his Superhero life and family life feels so fresh.

The brothers so different but protective of each-other. Great acting from both.
They really got me with that twist near the end. VERY twisty !

So sympathetic for Lois’s situation… I think the line her Father said “You fell in love with Clark but married Superman” Dang. Typically she’d only have to worry about herself since Clark can handle his own but now having 2 other people in their lives to worry about… :pleading_face:

This villain WHOOOF would be an issue for any Superman in the multiverse. BADASS

Looking forward to the rest. 2 thumbs up :+1: :+1:


Will not be watching until tomorrow probably, but pretty excited for this one. :superman:


Same here, I’ll watch in the morning


This is without a doubt the best DCCW pilot they’ve ever done. Of course the budget made it look like a legit movie, but the acting, cinematography, music, pacing, plot…it all just came together so well. :smiley:


I was thrilled with this pilot! We’re definitely seeing something different with Clark and Lois as parents, but without losing the Superman stuff, too. I mean, how cool was it to see him in the Fleischer suit in the opening?!

I love the look and I love the tone. I can’t wait to see where this goes.


I had never watched a DC CW show before… this was good. Really good.

I was a little worried half-way through, I thought they may do the “rebellious teen” routine, but no, by the end of the episode everything was fine. (Whew)

Funny thing, in the comics I have zero interest in reading about Smallville, and reading about Superman married with children; that’s why I’m so excited about SUPERMAN '78.

Superman & Lois of course is set in Smallville, and he’s married with children. And I like it. (Ha!)

I guess it’s like with anything in life, it’s all in how you do it. And they did it well, I felt.

Good show. Can’t wait until next week.


The show is so good. I expected to like it but I absolutely love it after that episode. I watched it with someone who hates comic books and superhero stuff and they loved it and said not to watch episode two without them.

My only problem is Cryer’s Lex was so perfect that if there’s another Lex I would be kinda disappointed. Hopefully it’s another Luthor.

Can’t wait to see what’s in store. This is a concept that’s so new and engaging for this character that been around 80+ years.


It kind of feels like has to be a different character. They didn’t call him Lex, they called him “Captain Luthor.”

The theory I have right now is that maybe this is a Luthor descendent from the future, maybe an alternate one where one of Superman’s kids makes a terrible mistake or becomes a ruthless dictator or something and he’s there to try to stop it from happening.


I think it’s one from an Earth that didn’t survive the Crisis.


I’ve only watched the opening scene and it sucks. Emo, teen Clark Kent didn’t really match Superboy (the hairstyle). Pa Kent dying in the middle of the street, really?. Clark doesn’t even act meek like Christopher Reeve. Guess emo, Clark Kent transferred to Jordan, whoever that smug is. Eating Chinese and whatever is in that bowl, not sure why that needed focus. And cliché memoir to tie it all up.

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They really subverted my expectations with the 1st trailer concerning the brothers.

With Jonathan I thought they might go the stereotypical route of a jock Brother being a jerk but it really wasn’t like that + him being so protective of Jordan multiple times in the episode was a nice surprise.

With Jordan they mention “teens with severe anxiety” in the trailer but in the show him being diagnosed and in Lois’s arms it really hit “oh sh*t this is real”. I just didn’t expect that part.

This was another great way to show Clark as a hero with unbelievable powers being powerless over the well-being of others. He can’t prevent a stroke happening to his parents or anxiety overcoming his son. He really felt relatable in how much he doesn’t have control over those things.

On the lighter note seeing some of that Classic Superman/Clark was AMAZING!! :heart_eyes: :exploding_head: :grin:

Also in my head-canon I’d like to think that during the Crisis scene of Lois bumping into Clark (Brandon Routh) while Clark was having nostalgia over meeting his Earth’s Lois, Lois was having nostalgia over meeting her Clark (Tyler Hoechlin) in this pilot.


You have to remember the meek Clark was invented for the movie. It wasn’t the standard before and it wasn’t really the standard afterwards in terms of media. Sure, Gerard Christopher did a little meekness with his Clark in Superboy, but with Lois and Clark and Smallville, it wasn’t prevalent.

I also think the show wants to do it’s own take on Clark rather than what’s been done before.


Holy crap, that’s brilliant with the Crisis comparison!


It wasn’t invented for the movie. In the Golden Age, he was known as mild-mannered and very meek to the point that his coworkers would pick on him for not having a “backbone”, which some issues ended until he finished as Superman before making Clark stand for himself.


I have to ask, did you stop at the opening scene or did you continue with the episode? I had a follow up question, but figured it was best to ask this beforehand.