[REACTIONS] Superman & Lois S1 E14 - "The Eradicator" - Spoilers!

Synopsis: Lois is worried about Jordan as he and Sarah continue to grow closer; Clark pays Lana a visit; Jonathan been spending more and more time with John Henry.

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The first season will be 15 episodes, and air weekly on Tuesdays on The CW network at 6pm PT/8pm CT/9pm ET.

Superman & Lois is set to follow a slightly different streaming schedule to the majority of the other CW DC Comics shows. Shortly after episodes air, they will be available to watch for free with ads on CW Seed. Superman & Lois will not be available on Netflix, but it will be available on a yet-to-be-announced date after the season ends.


WOW :exploding_head:

Was not prepared for things that happened this episode.

Pretty speechless right now.

Next episode… I don’t even know what to think or guess what will happen.



They should rename it “Cushing” and cut the Kents.

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I know it’s supposed to be a serious moment and I do feel really bad for Jordan, but I couldn’t help myself from laughing hysterically at the end. Hearing that old, intimidating voice coming out of a smaller teenager was unintentional comedic gold :laughing:


Awesome™:+1: episode

Things start out pretty happy and overall normal. But a big turn for the worst.

The Kushing’s dealing with moving. Clark Jordan and more try to convince to stay and when it looks like they will a turn and the move seems ago but I doubt it.

Jordan some sweet moments with Sarah. John tinkering with Irons. Then it’s to the party. He meet the girl again (forgot name) and they connect nice. But her dad a center city villain. What Flash villain is her pops :thinking:.

Lois dealing with the paper going under and the DOD. Felt bad for her when the mom said she never knew how it is to loose a child since she did :cry:.

The the big fight. Steel, Lois, and Supes off to save the day. The Lois dying parallel scene was great. Steels hammer awesome™:+1: as always.

Now Edge took Jordan and it’s about to get interesting.

Will Superman save Jordan? Will Sarah find out? Will Egde’s plan come to fruition? All this and more on the finale Same :00_superman1:uper Time Same :00_superman1:uper Channel

I chuckled too. I know it supposed to be bad but just it gave me a chuckle :sweat_smile:

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