[REACTIONS] Superman & Lois S1 E12 - "Through the Valley of Death" - Spoilers!

Makes sense. In a scene that lasts probably 2 seconds he finds a lantern to advertise the show and nothing comes from it.

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Pretty funny to go from “Screw this guy Kyle” to now “Leave Kyle alone :cry:

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He was always my favorite character.




I’m a bit of a newbie to all this but isn’t “Superman & Lois” at least 10+ years into the future of “Supergirl” and the rest of the CW universe? I mean, the boys were mere children during Crisis and now they are in high school.

In one of Diggle’s speaches to Sam he stated he was done with the hero biz and mentioned no more “glowing boxes”. That kinda tells me that, (A) he never became a Lantern (the “why” might be revealed during his his “Supergirl” appearance) or, (B) he was a GL but has since retired from that role as well.

As for not referencing Kara, my guess is that it would be a spoiler for whatever the intended ending of the “Supergirl” series is. I don’t think we will see her demise, but since the star has indicated in past interviews she is leaving to spend time growing her family, I think she’s headed to the future and the Legion.

Maybe I digressed a bit here, but I think the whole John Diggle/GL micro-arc across the CW series is to tie the series together in some fashion (maybe building up to the next cross-over) or to slowly deflate expectations of Diggle wearing the GL ring (after all, he found the ring - the ring did not find him).

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You are less of a newbie than me
Unlike me you clearly have interest in the DC CWverse’s (I hate that name) earlier shows.

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I think the show is taking place concurrently with the rest of the shows and they’ve kept references to a minimum. I think they want to focus on their own show for the first season before we get more cameos and crossovers.

As for the boys, it’s hard to tell. In the final episode of Crisis Lois indicated “boys” as in plural but I don’t believe she mentioned their ages. I could be wrong though.

If she didn’t mention their ages specifically, you could take it as they’re teenagers.

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It’s possible this could be taking place well into the future, but Crisis could’ve also affected the timeline so that the boys were born 15 years before the Arrowverse’s present. But we ultimately haven’t gotten a definitive answer on that yet. As for Kara, even if Supergirl’s ending does significantly impact her status in the world, it shouldn’t prevent Clark and Lois, among others, from just mentioning her casually w/out any specific reference to something she’s done. I also really think going to the future would betray her dedication to defending her friends, family and home in the present, but that’s for another discussion

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One of the things I’ve been most impressed with about Superman & Lois is how they build and layer their supporting characters. John Henry Irons is a perfect example. We thought he was a Luthor from a different Earth. Cool concept I would’ve loved to have seen explored. Then we learn he’s really John Henry Irons, which was an amazing twist. Then we find out what the stakes were on his Earth and why he’s so intent on preventing it on Earth Prime with Superman. Now he’s seen this Superman isn’t HIS Superman and is actively trying to help him. He’s had quite the arch, but it’s been well paced and feels organic. And because we’re in new territory with this character, there’s a lot of story possibilities.


No E13 one so I’ll put it here.

Nice episode

The town dealing with the aftermath.

The Kushing’s getting it hard. Lois is right the mayor does have a punchable face :sweat_smile:. Looking into moving and being pariahs.

The kids skip school. Jon looked like things were going nice but sadly just wanting to be used for his knowledge. An interest with steel though. Interesting :thinking:. And Jordan and Sarah have a nice moment then get copped.

Supes dealing with Edge. And having doubts about himself. Nice moments with Lois. The way she get made i. This is great. “I love you but I’m mad right now” :sweat_smile:. Trusting her boss to right the paper was cool. And Jon listening in was funny. And now John is trusted with the kill which is cool. Nice to see steel shaping up in the show and off to do his thing.

Edge with some more interesting origin. He wanted to do it nicer but now those plans are eradicated. :sweat_smile:

Interesting take on the Eradicator in this. With Steel, Jordon and now him it’s like the reign of Superman here and I’m up for it.

What will Edge do now? Will the town forgive the Kushings? Can Superman stop Egde? All this and more Same :00_superman1:uper Time Same :00_superman1:uper Channel.


Good observation. Embarrassed to say I didn’t notice that we now have a Super-boy, Eradicator, and Steel. It’s not Reign of the Supermen, but it’s nice to make the connection :slightly_smiling_face:.


Strange that Jordan has a way better social life than Jonathan now.


S&L S1 E13 thoughts:

This was a great ‘after the storm’ type episode and imo felt like the most grounded with how much time was dedicated to character dialogue. Given how engaging everything was despite not having much action it goes from not just a well-written superhero show but a well written show in general.

This episode continuously emphasizes just how surprisingly good of a job they’ve done making Kyle Cushing and Tal-Roh sympathetic.

The more we see of young Tal-Roh the better in characterization, performance and looks. I think they nailed the casting with the younger version. He perfectly captures that bubbling frustration underneath which the adult version has as well.

I’m officially convinced Jonathan is cursed lol

That friendship with Superman and Steel is something I didn’t know I wanted. For me some of the most interesting character dynamics to see is Lois pairing up with different people and John Henry Irons is also becoming one of those characters I want to see interact with as many people as possible. Such as those conversations he’s had with Jonathan these past 2 episodes.

It’s also funny how Lois and Clark’s friend groups kinda parallel each other. Lois’s work friend is Chrissy and outside friend is Lana, I consider Clark’s work ‘friend’ as General Lane and his outside friend as John Henry Irons.

I imagine a lotta’ people who binge this on HBO Max, CW App, etc will have a great time. Between the reveals and the way they’ve been ending the episodes a lot just makes you want to immediately watch the next episode.

Looking forward to the final 2

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When on any other show would parents be angry that their children drink alcohol or skip school? This show is very realistic in these aspects. In other shows parents drink alcohol with their children or let them skip school. It’s more and more why this show is already my favorite.

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Stargirl, which has some of the same creators. Mr. King would probably kill his son if he skipped school.

Not really.