[REACTIONS] Superman & Lois S1 E12 - "Through the Valley of Death" - Spoilers!

Synopsis: Lois and John Henry Irons can’t seem to agree on the best way to stop Morgan Edge. Meanwhile, Jonathan encourages Jordan to focus on strengthening his powers to help locate their dad. Lastly, an old friend is brought in to help with the search

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The first season will be 15 episodes, and air weekly on Tuesdays on The CW network at 6pm PT/8pm CT/9pm ET.

Superman & Lois is set to follow a slightly different streaming schedule to the majority of the other CW DC Comics shows. Shortly after episodes air, they will be available to watch for free with ads on CW Seed. Superman & Lois will not be available on Netflix, but it will be available on a yet-to-be-announced date after the season ends.


I wanted this to happen
[Lois explains everything to Steel.]
Steel: Great Rao. You are cheating on that nice man Clark with Superman!
Lois: No, he is Superman.
Steel: This is a serious talk Lois. Do not fill it with nonsense like that.

It was a great episode except for one problem, Diggle. Who on Earth 31 is this guy? What are all these things he and Sam are talking about. It is just confusing and for what? He is completely inconsequential to the plot and a waste of time at best.

Strange that with all these dramatic battles and life threatening situations my favorite scene is still about my favorite characters, The Cushings. The part about them washing paint is the best part of the episode.


What a great episode. I was a little thrown off with the idea of General Zod being the essence inside Clark but thankfully it wasn’t a major plot point.

I love what they did with Kyle, Lana and Sarah. It’s not going to be easy for them post-Kryptonian mind takeover but they’re making the best of it and growing closer as a family.

I say this a lot but Bitsie Tulloch’s acting continues to amaze me in this show. Seriously, you almost tear up when she does.


Overall liked this episode.

Loved how they showed flashes of Clark’s family as he broke out of the possession. Usually something like that would seem cheesy but they’ve build up these characters and relationships so well that it felt earned and fulfilling.

He’s also SUPERMAN so I loved that he broke out of it through sheer will-power because he’s SUPERMAN!! Like Diggle said himself “He’s the best we have”.

That heart to heart convo Jon had with John Henry was pleasantly surprising, well written and acted.

Liking this good faith relationship they’ve set up with John Henry and the Kent family. Seeing him and Superman chase Edge together was so cool looking.

Parts in this episode felt a little weird or rushed imo. Even though it’s not the actual finale it sorta felt like it.

I thought the inclusion of Diggle was inconsequential and what I feared is that him and the Arrowverse references would stick out like a sore thumb and it really did coming in so randomly into what’s felt like the climax for Superman’s “Evil” arc. If none of that stuff was included maybe there could’ve been more breathing room for other things I felt seemed rushed. So a detriment overall to the show’s story imo.

Still, interested to see what happens now with Edge + Lesie Larr.


What a waste of a Diggle appearance. This did absolutely nothing to further his arc and barely even mentioned the green box. And now Lyla and Oliver have somehow gotten name-drops on this show before Kara. Because that makes sense :roll_eyes:


I remember thinking

Who is Lyla?" I know who Ollie is by pop culture osmosis but not her.

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Diggle has been weaving his way thru the Arrowverse this year. My guess is it will be some plot point for next year.

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I’m curious what a new viewers reaction to Diggle and all that Arrowverse exposition would be. I’m familiar with everything he said but it all seemed like a jumbled mess of “Okayyyy, we gotta include a bunch of references in here I guess” from a writers stand point. The dialogue just didn’t feel natural to me like the rest of the series had leading up to this point.

Now I wonder if that cancelled Batwoman crossover would’ve even worked. Since this series has felt like an ongoing movie so when the Arrowverse stuff popped in randomly in this episode it felt so unnatural. With the whole element of the series being Clark and his family go off grid it wouldn’t have felt natural if he suddenly has a team up and goes to Gotham with Batwoman or vice-versa her in Smallville would’ve seemed weird if she put on the Cowl and did vigilante stuff in this small town.

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I liked seeing Dig :slightly_smiling_face:. I’m a big fan of Arrow, and really like the character. Also, given where we left him, working at Argus with Lyla, none of it felt unnatural at all to me. Was it integral to the plot? No, but it doesn’t have to be imo, at least not right now. Hopefully they do something with these appearances he’s been making further on up the road.

Agree that Kara’s absence on the show is disappointing. Understand the Covid situation coupled with Melissa’s pregnancy, and her being off world in the phantom zone in her own show… all hinder a physical appearance, but something, even a casual mention, should have been incorporated. Few episodes left, so who knows?

Having said all that, another great episode in a great show. Glad they didn’t milk the evil Superman thing, and just quickly resolved it. Which brings me to the pacing, it truly is a highlight of this show. The story moves along at an engaging pace, while not skimming on character moments. Lois crying and pleading for Clark, Jon encouraging Jordan to use his powers to find their dad, Clark breaking out of his possession by shear will, Superman & Steel teaming up… all fantastic moments. The Cushing family side plot was sad & heartwarming at the same time. Their scenes, like the rest of the show, were very well done. Though I did feel like the paint cleaning scene was a bit out of place in the middle of all that was going on, but that’s nitpicking on my part.

This almost felt like a finale. What the heck is Morgan Edge up to, now? Curious where they go with the remaining 3 episodes.


This show continues to entertain. The family drama and the super-action are all well written and perfectly executed. I love how Lois and Lana refuse to give in to despair, while the boys helping their dad in a “realistic” way (verisimilitude) in this episode was amazingly cool. And of course, Superman’s anchor to all the chaos he constantly deals with is his family. I did get a little choked up when the Kent family was reunited in front of their home, as it crystallized for me how much I was invested in these characters. And Jonathan’s brief interactions with John Henry Irons proved to me that he is the heart and soul of this show.
I did not mind Diggle’s “light” appearance in this episode and have no problem with Lyla and Ollie being mentioned before Kara. At this point in the show, a crossover with Supergirl would be “kryptonite” for Superman and Lois. Keep that campy silliness away from this serious family drama.
Obviously, we have not seen the last of “Morgan Edge”, and I sincerely hope that is true for John Henry Irons. Hey, maybe a Steel show could replace the departing Supergirl on the CW schedule?


I didn’t mind it either. Out of all the other CW DC shows, Arrow was my favorite, so it’s nice seeing the oldest show connecting with the newest. Interesting point on a Supergirl appearance being kryptonite for the show. The shows are different in tone and approach, but the CW has done many of these crossovers successfully before between different shows. Honestly though, I’m not looking for it, at least not right now. Let them take their time and figure out how to introduce the outside world in a meaningful way. Nonetheless, a mention of Kara would have been nice. I think at this point, a simple “I can’t believe she was stuck in the Phantom Zone while I was caught up in all this” would suffice, at least for me.


I definitely agree w/ everyone saying Dig’s appearance felt out of place. It really seemed like the show had no desire to include him and was just forced to do so by the network. It’s becoming more and more obvious that this whole show should’ve just taken place on another earth from the start


I wanted more Diggle, and it was a disappointment how little he was in the episode. Other than that, the episode was great, I loved seeing John Henry Irons make the full turn to the good side, no more trying to kill Clark.

I can’t believe I’m liking Kyle now when I hated his guts episodes before, the water fight was so sweet!


Awesome™:+1: episode.

The Kushing’s having trouble and are the scapegoats for the edge issues. Sad but like how they banded together. Seems to have made the family stronger.

The debate of what to do is Supes turns continue. Nice moments with Steel. Who was looking for his sister. What’s with that?:thinking:.

Supes with Zod cool. Don’t feel like it’s his end as they could say it was a copy of his essence or some effect of the phantom zone or something if they want to use him again.

Steel v Supes and hope prevailed. Now the family is together and Edge is jailed. What his plan with all of krypton in him. :thinking:

Dig shows up. Didn’t feel forced or unnatural to me. With Argus being what it is it would make sense they would have access to the tech. And I feel as it furthered his arc as mentioning he doesn’t want to the hero thing as much (most likely due to Oliver’s death) which is why it was mentioned and why he turned down the green box. Also as a bit of definitely confirmation this show is with the Arrowverse as there has been doubt speculated.

What Edges back up plan? What’s Larr up to? Will the Kushing’s get through the hate of smallville? All this and more Same :00_superman1:uper Time Same :00_superman1:uper Channel


As a new viewer I can answer for me- It was awful and should have been cut. There are the obvious reasons that it was just confusing, but it has another problem. His performance is very stoic, and that made the scene too boring and the most forgettable part of the episode. If somebody’s role is just to make a cameo it needs something to stick out like the exact opposite performance.


The Diggle thing didn’t bother me too much. I honestly didn’t expect him to play too big a part in the episode. In fact, he had more scenes than I thought he was going to have. Something tells me this was supposed to be the first of his crossover appearances throughout the shows, but because this back-half got delayed, we got it now, hence no headaches or anything like that.


I would guess we will see Kara next season after her show is cancelled.


Disappointed there was no “Kneel before Zod” pronouncement.

Enjoying the progression of the John Henry Irons character.

Okay so the Diggle scene was out of place temporally. Big deal. I still enjoyed it and the gratuitous Arrow references. So does this mean he becomes a GL in the Arrowverse?


If he was going to become Green Lantern in any meaningful way it would have happened years ago.

It will be thrown in somewhere in a meaningless scene that has no impact at all.

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Per IMDB, David Ramsey is directing and appearing in an episode of Supergirl, when that series returns later this year. At the very least I’d expect some promotion for the HBO Max Green Lantern Corps series, which is already in production.