[REACTIONS] Supergirl S6 E6 - "Prom Again!" - Spoilers!

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Synopsis: Young Kara experiences kryptonite for the first time, Nia and Brainy are trapped by invading aliens, and a young Cat Grant may be the reason Supergirl never gets out of the Phantom Zone.

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The finale season of SUPERGIRL will temporarily take over the timeslot of SUPERMAN & LOIS, airing weekly on Tuesdays on The CW network at 6pm PT/8pm CT/9pm ET. SUPERMAN & LOIS will return May 18th, with the SUPERGIRL schedule TBD. Miss it on air? Watch SUPERGIRL on the CW app!

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Supergirl S6-: “Prom Again!” UGH! No wonder this is the final season.


Fun episode and a nice wrap up to this two parter.

Brainy and Dreamer got what they needed. Some nice moments with the young Danverses and Lee. Cool the Dreamer got some new powers. And then thinking that they can time travel again was fun. Also sweet moments between them.

Young Kara learns what she want to become. Lee moves on think we may see an older him show up. :thinking: and Alex’s “college” seems like DEO training (or some militaristic training)

Cat was inspired by Nia. And that’s her origin. The blue man group is defeated and they’re off to save Kara.

Enjoyed this Brainy and Dreamer adventure. Hopefully we see them again after the show ends.

Can they save Kara? What other powers will Dreamer be able to do? How will the mid season finale go? All this and more Same :00_supergirl_arrowverse:uper Time Same :00_supergirl_arrowverse:uper Channel

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