[REACTIONS] Legends of Tomorrow S6 Premiere! - "Ground Control to Sara Lance" - Spoilers!

Legends of Tomorrow is back with a brand new season! Be sure to check out the extended trailer above for a preview of what’s to come including more Beebo and an animated episode!

Synopsis: After a night of celebrating their beating the Fates, the Legends quickly discover that Sara is missing.

Are you going to be tuning in to the new season? Let us know what you’re excited for in the comments! :point_down:

Legends of Tomorrow airs 5PM PST / 7PM CST / 8PM EST every Sunday and you can watch it FREE the next day on the CW app!


This is the DC show I have been looking forward to the most this season. Legends of Tomorrow may actually be my favorite. And tonight’s episode did not disappoint. I loved the whole reveal about Gary, and I think Spooner will make a good addition to the team. Anyway, it looks like it will be an interesting season.


The only Arrowverse show that matters! This has the balls that The Flash just doesn’t have, it has originality, and The Flash just repeats and repeats.

This premiere was so epic! The aliens look so good! I’m so happy that it’s not all CG, that it’s practical too.


I’m so happy to see the fun that everyone is having on this show as well as the crazy awesomeness happening here - it shows that the writers must have had a decent amount of creative freedom. After watching this trailer, I might have to restart the series!


I love this show. It has fun, which is something a lot of the other shows haven’t had, barring The Flash. And I love the reason for the villains this season to be displaced throughout time.


Mick Rory this whole episode has been my mood all year LOL.


I’m actually really excited about this season! The last few have felt a little underwhelming on the whole, but it seems like this alien angle is bringing some of the color back to their humor.

By the by: did anybody notice that tabloid? Wacky World News! With the space stuff going on, Legends being Legends, and that odd inclusion of Kooey Kooey Island on the post-Crisis world map over on the Flash, maybe we’re going to meet Space Walt Disney this year?


Great premier

Everyone scattered after the party was fun.

Mic lasting about. Doing his dad thing and want to burn stuff down the usual. B just getting high so the usual there too​:sweat_smile:

John out of element to find a new element. Getting together with Zari. And Astra trying to mortal. Interesting

Nate missing Z1. Nice chat with Bowy. And Gary is now and alien. What a twist.

A new hero Spooner. And alien based cowboy. Sounds similar to Jinny Hex minus the alien tracking.

Ava missing Sara. The check list scene was great :joy:. And a sweet moment through the projection. Sara on an the ship with Spartacus was fun.

Overall a great set up to the craziness this season has in store.

Will they capture these loose aliens? Will Sara and Gary find there way back? What’s with Spooners powers? All this and more Same Legendary Time Same Legendary Channel.


Also nice SG connection with the DEO. Forgot that was destroyed.


I don’t see Supergirl anymore so that was a surprise to me, good continuity.


How do we watch the video in the post? I click on it and it says the video is private.

You should be good to go now, thanks for bringing this to our attention!

But now it’s a featurette for season one, not the extended trailer for season six.

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Not sure why that is, but here’s the proper trailer for the premiere/season :slightly_smiling_face: