[REACTIONS] Black Lightning S4 E7 - "Painkiller" - Spoilers!

Black_Lightning_season_4Synopsis: When Khalil’s violent history crashes his idyllic new beginning, he is thrust back into action with a mission to bring justice where he once gave out punishment.

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Season 4 episodes of Black Lightning will air on the CW on Mondays at 9 pm. and will be available to stream for free on The CW App and CW.com the morning after they air on television.


I thoroughly enjoyed the Painkiller backdoor pilot. I have to admit that I had my doubts about a Painkiler spinoff, but those doubts were erased tonight. I liked the way they have set it up for a series, and it was great to see Bill Duke back as Odell!


I actually liked the backdoor pilot. Though making an entire city CGI wasn’t that good, plus why make the city futuristic as heck? Isn’t this still present day, 2021?

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Can’t wait to see it. Ratings weren’t good, but what did they expect with that month long wait. Even All American was down.


I just saw the numbers and…good lord, that’s dismal. Less than 400K? I already didn’t have much faith that Painkiller was gonna get picked up w/ the lack of BL promotion, but I feel like this is the last nail in the coffin

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Who knows, maybe they aren’t playing as big a factor in this whole thing. There has to be some Behind the Scenes drama.

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Just watched. Gotta say, Best episode of the season. Simply amazing. You can tell where they put their care and budget. Hopefully somehow this gets picked up, either on the CW or HBOmax

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CW doesn’t seem to focus solely on live ratings as the have a free streaming cite heavily promoted. So I think those numbers will ultimately decide it. :thinking:
(Hoping they’re good :crossed_fingers:)

Pretty nice pilot.

Definitely seem some pandemic effects but overall well done.

Painkiller himself was great. Enjoy the duality and in the mind stuff very well done.

His crew sounds good with nice characters to develope.

The villain has a nice twist at the end. His daughter. Didn’t see that coming.

Thunder did what she did. Nice chat with PK at the end. Wylde has some nice fighting in the escape.

Hopefully it gets picked up and isn’t canaried.

Can Painkiller find that balance? What’s the mind cults game? How will our heroes defeat? Hopefully we find out some :zap: Time Same :zap: Channel.

Nicknaming Painkiller PK, is immediately telling us he’s really not a villain, haha! You don’t nickname bad guys.

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