[REACTIONS] Black Lightning S4 E3 - "The Book of Reconstruction: Chapter Three" - Spoilers!


Synopsis: Jefferson is even feeling even more lost after a frustrating therapy session; Anissa continues to care for a still comatose Grace; Lynn has a breakthrough.

Are you tuning into Black Lightning this season? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below! :point_down:t6::00_black_lightning:

Season 4 episodes of Black Lightning will be available to stream for free on The CW App and CW.com the morning after they air on television. The season premiere will be available on The CW website beginning Tuesday, February 9.

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As happy as I am to finally see Grace awake, her and Anissa married and the very 1st LGBTQ+ wedding in the Arrowverse (quick as it was), I’m still just left infuriated that the CW refuses to properly promote this show. Another week and another episode ending w/out a teaser for the next one. The ratings will continue to drop at this rate, which is a complete shame since so many people are missing out on a great show, and the CW could do a lot to fix that through such simple solutions


Good news is I’m almost caught up! Only 2 episodes left in Season 3. Bad news is… The ratings are continuing to drop. Netflix also doesn’t have this show in their BLM COLLECTION… Hmmm

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OK, I’m all caught up now. First let me give a reason as to why the popularity of this show has floundered now that I have caught up.

This show feels very premium, like an HBO style show, not by budget obviously, but by the style of writing and the way the story is told.

I have yet to watch the Superman and Lois Pilot, so I will exempt that from comparison (It looks like it may follow a similar format).

In this show we follow Jefferson and his wife, both middle aged as opposed to other Arrowverse shows which follow young adults.

I think what I’m trying to say is, this show is written to be on HBO or HBOmax, not the young adult audience of the CW. This is most evident by Season 3, which I have many thoughts about and will save that for later.

As for this episode, the family is breaking apart and I am on the edge of my seat to see how this ends up.

Quick question though, what happened to Brandon? I didn’t like him AT ALL and he was a throw away character (Stemming from another complaint I have with the show) but we are 3 episodes in and no mention. I guess he will pop up later.

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Awesome™:+1: episode.

Jeff finally getting on track working through his issues and getting a catharsis of sorts at least to try patching things up and moving. The Tobias cones in and messes it all up.

Lynn same thing going good breaking through the issues to just get played by Tobias.

Thunder sweet moments with Choi (think that’s how it’s spelt) and a nice fun surprise wedding.

Lightning still trying to push to hard and I can already see the social media thing backlashing.

Gambi learning more and getting in. Nice appearance from TC.

What will happen with Lynn and Jeff? Will Robins destroy the school? What next for the newly weds? What going on with Lightning? All this and more same :zap: time same :zap: channel.

I thought Lynn looked ridiculous trying to use wind powers last episode. She really needs to get herself together if she is gonna be telling others what to do. Also when she was talking about her family, is her brother the star of another Arrowverse show that has recently ended…hmmmm :thinking:

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