[REACTIONS] Batwoman S2 E8 - "Survived Much Worse" - Spoilers!

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imagesSynopsis: Batwoman’s abilities are tested like never before, while Alice’s search for Kate continues; Sophie and Jacob set their sights on Coryana; Luke and Mary contend with an unexpected guest.

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An interesting final shot, I’ll say that.

I hope this is the end of the Safiyah stuff, at least for a little while.

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The second season has been really great, I wish more people were talking about it on here.

Even though I really dug Kate as Batwoman, I’ve always been a sucker for a good rookie hero living up to a legacy, so I’m loving Ryan’s story. Also, Team Batwoman feels more like an actual team this season (although that could have happened with Kate too). They’ve even made me like Sophie this year, or at least feel like she has an interesting role in the story. Jacob Kane continues to be the worst though.

I agree with @superby1 that it’s time to give the Safiyah story a break, but she was a good villain who brought a new dimension to Alice’s story and her involvement got us out of Gotham a bit. I’m excited to see where things go now that the team isn’t waiting on Kate to return – and how that last shot will play out in the rest of the season.


I’m hoping to get back to Gotham and to give us more time with Ryan as Batwoman. I think maybe two or three episodes where we don’t have to focus on Kate and let Ryan be her own character will do the story some good and be that much more effective when Kate comes back.

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As I understand it, The Desert Rose only blooms when exposed to the royal blood of those native to Coryana? Only Sofiya and her descendents can make the Desert Rose bloom. Ryan got a plant from Angelique that is now blooming, it is a desert Rose. With all the infection of Kryptonite, Ryan has been bleeding on the plant. Does this mean that Ryan’s true Mother is Sofiya?

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I actually remember Safiyah saying that all it took was a woman’s blood to make the Desert Rose bloom. I’m guessing that if she had sent a male assassin, they wouldn’t have discovered the Desert Rose hiding in Ryan’s plant


Wow what an episode.

Ryan’s was giving all she’s got. The skydiving and plane was nice. Always good to get some new scenery every now and again. The scene with Sophie at the end was great. Just a touching scene.

Alice thought he she could win and it all falls apart. The jail scene was nice and the Ocean Kill was great. And when she found out. And now the roses are Burnt. Great stuff. Is she on the ride to redemption?

Safyah found out and it was her right hand. I knew right when Saf said she didn’t I knew it was her.

Jacob and Sophie escape he’s going to be devastated with the news.

Mary and Luke had a fun plant adventure. They’re with fun scenes like that. And the assassin’s blood makes the rose.

Julia returned but with sad news. Leading to an ominous end. Kate’s body the sewers is that her? Are they going to change her face with the burns or will she stay dead. It that even her? Did Croc bring her there :sweat_smile::sweat_smile:?

Is that really Kate? What’s Alice’s next goal? Can they save Ryan? Is this the last of Safyah? How will Jacob and Sophie react to the Kate’s “death”?


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