[REACTIONS] Batwoman S2 E6 "Do Not Resuscitate" - Spoilers!


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Synopsis: As Ryan’s Kryptonite wound worsens, it hinders her capabilities as Batwoman. Efforts to copy the Desert Rose serum endanger Mary and Cmdr Kane. Meanwhile Alice’s reunion with someone from Coryana presents unexpected complications.

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I need Alice and Ocean to get all their memories back and then get a hot love scene between them! Ha!

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It almost feels like Alice is taking over the show. Right now I am much more interested in Alice’s storyline than anything else.


A lot of big stuff this one

Ryan confronts her Ex. She makes sense tell her to live but the ex just traded one addiction for another. Ryan needs to tell the bat team stuff. I understand she use to being alone and isn’t so trusting but the team expert on Batman may not the weapon meant to kill a bat could have been saved. But her bat skills have definitely improved from episode one.

Alice unlocked some new memories and has a fun story. Almost had me with the kill ocean but then remembered she can make faces and then he popped out​:sweat_smile:.

Mary finally told Jacob about the clinic. And he shut it down. Makes sense as it illegal but the end line had to hurt. And Jacob tied up again. He just can’t catch a break. :sweat_smile:

Will Ryan survive? How will they get to the island? Who stole the Map? What’s Alice’s plan? Can Mary get her clinic back? All this and more Same Bat Time Same Bat Channel.

This episode felt like filler, and Sophie needs to stop being such a bleh.

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Question, does anyone else feel that maybe Sophie should have been Batwoman ? I think Ryan is doing a good job, but can’t help but wonder if Sophie should have taken over.

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I feel she is to dedicate to the crows to do so. As she want to change them for better. She could be a cool BW but I wouldn’t see it sticking as she a very in the law kind of person.