[REACTIONS] Batwoman S2 E2 "Prior Criminal History" - Spoilers!

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Synopsis: Ryan Wilder is back to facing the daily challenges of life as herself; Alice has a new, devious plan to get the attention of both Gotham and Safiyah; Ryan comes face to face with Alice for the first time.

What did you think of Wilder’s journey, and the manipulative, icy machinations of Alice/Beth Kane’s? Let us know in the comments below! :point_down:t6:
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I’m still liking Ryan!

Luke could lose the snotty attitude at least while Mary is talking about her mom dying in her arms

and the Batmobile was cool in action, but it’s still missing something, and i think i found what it is


Whoooo boy… where to start…? I was going to give this one a try, but they are making it really hard to keep going. The acting in this show has some serious issues, that really take you out of the episode. Some of the scenes and story beats are just bleh…

When the bats attack, and the reporter screams “Look out!”… That scene was poorly delivered.

The soundtrack at times (Batwoman vs Alice on the roof), felt very “I’m playing this on my casio keyboard for you right now.” Didn’t feel very cinematic or Batwomanish. Just felt very cheap.

Getting the bats to all conveniently fly into the back of the bus (every single one of them) and stay on the bus long enough for her to close the doors and then blow the bus up… Ughh…

Kate’s step sister just seems out of place in this whole show.

Batwoman saving Ryan (in the flashback) was a tad bit on the nose.

Alice might be the best thing going on the show, but she is a bit over the top at times. Like trying to be The Joker, but not really…

Tatiana - the actress gives a horrible accent. One that goes in and out through almost every sentence, like she just doesn’t know how to hold it together to complete one.

I will give it a few more episodes, but this one is tough…

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I’m just so damned happy to have the Arrowverse back in my life, even if it’s a slower rollout than in the past.

I like that the writers are showing how Ryan can be a different Batwoman than Kate, understanding the poorer and more crime ridden parts of Gotham in a way her predecessor couldn’t. I don’t mind having Luke being antagonistic right now, he’s basically representing the viewers who don’t want to give Ruby Rose’s replacement a chance. He’ll come around (he already is, a bit). But I still say it’s time to disband the Crows and go back to GCPD as the law enforcement entity Batwoman needs to stay one step ahead of. With Kate gone, it’s really hard to care about Jacob or Sophie (not that I cared much for either one to begin with) and the whole private security firm thing never made a lot of sense anyway.


I agree with this, and I guess that if I were to put myself in his shoes, I would also be a bit upset at not only the fact that a close friend and co-worker type of relationship has just died/mysteriously disappeared, but now that person is being replaced or having that role taken up again so soon. For Luke, it was just him and Kate, and then eventually Mary. It’s not like how Bruce had a specific set of directions in the event something happened and Dick would have to take over. Granted Kate had her letters and such, the team didn’t expect or really plan on how to continue in the event that something happened to Kate.

TL;DR, from a realistic standpoint, I think Luke is acting rational in terms of how he’s feeling emotionally and that he’s reacting in the only way he knows how.

(Just wanted to add onto what you said)


Totally agree on Jacob, Sophie, Julia and the rest of The Crows. I feel like we can move past them now that Kate is gone.

Shows like this work better with a smaller cast. Otherwise, we’re gonna spend weeks on these side characters which will take time away from Ryan and the Bat-crew.


I want more Gotham less crows


I don’t mind julia but i think Alice and her family doesn’t need to be on the show i like that this show is trying to move past kate but you keep shoving her family in our face

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I like Alice, though. She’s the best part of this show, both last season and this one. And they tied her to Ryan’s origin that her sticking around makes sense.


If its true the show isn’t sticking around long

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Sophie needs to die slow and painful, her high horse needs to throw her off. Julia is actually a trustworthy person, she kept Kate’s secret because it wasn’t hers to tell, and what does Sophie do? Whine about not being told, Sophie would betray that secret in seconds, we’ve seen it.

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If Oliver Queen were still around he’d be all about making Ryan a better fighter. Ryan really needs a combat mentor - So I submit the following DC TV alummi for your approval as guest stars on Batwoman -

Oliver Queen
The best candidate with the one small issue of being dead. He could visit from another Earth of course.

John Diggle
The most sensible candidate

Nyssa Al Gul from Arrow
My emotional favorite

Dick Grayson from Titans
Probably the best of all, he’s probably busy

White Canary from Legends of Tomorrow (probably also busy)

Black Canary from WB TV Birds of Prey
Very weird, but they wouldn’t have to hire another actor


Just saw it.
Awesome™:+1: episode.

The Kate flashback was nice and the May there still mentioning her is good so it not like they all just forgot about her after ep1. And seeing the she’lol be getting the Bruce role he had last season is interesting.

Ryan had some nice fights. Interesting plan. The batmobile is still cool. Not much with the kryptonite wound but I feel that will come up at the most inconvenient time. And now she’s trying to be the symbol of Hope.

Alice still continues the plan. The bats looked cool. As to villains fight can bats save it all kind of thing.

Luke may have seemed angry but after loosing Lucious Bruce and now Kate it’s understandable. He feels replace Batwoman already is just giving up hope to soon.

Mary her clinic wins and her blood is motivated cure. Does that mean powers of sorts in the future :thinking:

The crows are still crowing. Doing the usual in this with some nice family moments.
Poor Julia getting hurt in this episode. Hope get something good. Maybe a hero identity :thinking:

And Safyah(think that’s the name​:sweat_smile:) Solider appear. And Sophie in the mix. Interesting :thinking:.

How will Ryan do as Batwoman? What happened to Sophie and Alice? Will Luke accept Ryan as Batwoman? How will Gotham’s citizens react? All this and more. Same Bat Time Same Bat Channel.


She needs a Diggle


I want to see her snap more and lose it

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That may happen. Would be interesting to see​:thinking:

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