[REACTIONS] Batwoman S2 E18 - "Power" - Spoilers!

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Synopsis: In the Batwoman season finale, Ryan Wilder questions her place as the city’s hero as she, Luke Fox, Mary Hamilton and Sophie Moore must join forces when Black Mask instigates chaos in the Gotham streets. Meanwhile, Alice’s attempt to rescue her sister means another encounter with Circe. In an epic standoff, unexpected alliances and transformations will upend Gotham as we know it.

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I don’t know what to do about this show, Alice was so close to being redeemed, to being thrown back in Arkham, then the showrunner goes and says Alice will never be redeemed and it pisses me off! Batwing making his debut was fun and him against Tavarroff aka Menace was okay, I wanted more. Black Mask becoming comics accurate with his mask being burned to his face was epic.

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Awesome™:+1: finale to a great season.

The Black make opening was great. The menacing take over for him was just awesome™:+1:.

The city has no power and chaos runs rampant. Menace (Tarv) was rampaging and Luke got to give him a good one as Bat Wing. Awesome ™:+1: reveal and Great in action. Lucious just being a great dad. Also the over scene with the walky talkies was great​:joy:. Reminded me of the Family Guy scene.

Kates Black Maks Bat looked awesome™:+1:. Alice and Ryan team up with drama between the two ensures.

Then the fight begins. Alice talks on Black Mask and with help from J he get the make melted on. Very cool scene.

As for Ryan Get the cure form Mary and inspired by Gotham as Gotham is as much of a bat than anyone.

Very cool fight between Ryan and Kate. Leading to an amazing scene at the bridge that started it all. Alice having a great scene with Ocean almost leading to redemption and Kate getting to rescue Beth as she wanted too. The reviews be her in a very sweet scene between the two just for it to be ripped away.

Then the end. The day is saved. Ryan is off parole. The gang reminisces with Kate and the torch is officially passed. Very nice scene. Another sweet scene between Kate and Sophie and now Kate is off to try to find Bruce.

Then a trip to Arkham. Black male going crazy and Alice back to were she started off the path of redemption. And now drops a bomb on Ryan. And the tease of penguin mad hatter and the big one of Poison Ivy. Wonder what will happen there :thinking:.

For the season overall. An amazing season. A bit off at the start figuring out the transition of leads rewriting plans and a surprise pandemic on top of it let to a rocky start but quickly found it footing especially when Black Mask showed up (of course I had Black Mask bias​:sweat_smile:). Then the way they felt with Kate was a surprise but gave her a nice send off an cool patching of the torch. And more surprises of Bat wing which I didn’t see coming this season. In the end a great season and very much looking forward to more.

As for next season it will be interesting with The most Kane’s gone as Kate and Jacob are gone. Luke as B-Wing dynamic duping with Batwoman. Alice with no family bind except for kind of Mary. And of course the big Gotham rouge teases. So much to look forward to and can not wait for it.