[REACTIONS] Batwoman S2 E17 - "Kane, Kate" - Spoilers!

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Synopsis: Batwoman struggles as Black Mask continues to raise the stakes with Circe as his henchwoman. Alice and Safiyah cross paths once again.

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It disgusts me that they made Kate into a villain, Alice better be the key to saving her otherwise I don’t know if I can keep seeing this show.


Though it’s certainly taking longer than I would’ve imagined, I’m still pretty confident that we’ll get Kate back fully by the end of the finale next week. If that doesn’t happen, it would directly go against what the showrunner herself said very publicly over a year ago

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She killed Kate this episode, so she’s already lying. So she better fix this despicable thing next week.

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Kate’s not dead, it’s just that Circe is in control right now

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I guess, but what she did this episode, there wasn’t a glimpse of Kate. I did love her telling Sophie lying to her was the easiest thing in the world.

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Great episode

Alice mourns the loss of Ocean. Very sad moments with funeral. The Sefyah still wants Alice. But the twist I saw coming but forgot about the rose blade. So she’s deadish for now. Wonder what Alice has up her sleeve for her.

Ryan dealing with feeling like she’s done. Back in the van with mama plant. The arrested and backup jail again. Now her lawyer knows who she is. Interesting. The Black Mask’s car scene was cool. (Oddly reminded me of the Spiderman Homcoming Vulture car scene :sweat_smile:).

Circi was in control the whole time and coned the team. Cool fight of bat v bat. And nice seeing more of the bat cave and all the good bat memorabilia. Now she’s a broken bat. Sounds cool. This is getting good.

And Tarv getting Venom. Looks like he may become a menace to the team :wink::sweat_smile:.

What will happen to Sefyah? Can the team save Kate? How will the season end? All this on more for the finale Same Bat Time Same Bat Channel