[REACTIONS] Batwoman S2 E15 - "Armed and Dangerous" - Spoilers!

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Synopsis: As Luke’s life hangs in the balance, repercussions from the devastating event are the catalyst for some life-changing decisions for those around him.

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Oof. Going from Legends’ fun and silly humor, especially w/ the animated sequence, to Batwoman’s grittiness in dealing w/ death and big social issues was a lot to take in. It reminds me of that 1 week a few years ago where Flash aired a lighthearted musical crossover w/ Supergirl, only for Arrow to follow it up the next night w/ Oliver being tortured by Prometheus. Good times

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That Arrow episode, still the best of the show! Also, yeah, very similar situations. Luke better not become suicidal, he wanted to die after all.


I can’t really see that happening, but he is gonna have to find something new to live for cough Batwing cough

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Batwing indeed! I really hope those photos are real!


Awesome™:+1: episode. A real Juxtaposition after watching Legends :sweat_smile:.

Alice trying to save Kate still. Ocean felt with Enigma. She warns Mary then argues and makes out with Ocean the usual :sweat_smile:.

Mary trying to help Luke with the rose. Gets cut it but a nice drop in from Wolf Spider. Cool.

Ryan and Sophie try to clear Luke but lead to the ultimate decision as Jacobs caught (again).

Batwoman fights Tarvaroff and his crew in a great fight. Now the crows are dispensed and Alice and Jacob in a journey to save Kate.

Luke’s death scenes were great. Him and Bruce discussing what to was was amazing. If they do bring bats in a some point I hope they keep that guy a Bruce beige makes a good one. Then at the end he wanted to see Lucious. Just a great scene there.

A lot of emotional scene in this very well done looking forward to what’s next.

Will Like become Batwing? Will Jacob team with Alice? What will happen to Gotham without the crows? All this and more Same Bat Time Same Bat Channel