[REACTIONS] Batwoman S2 E14 - "And Justice for All" - Spoilers!

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Synopsis: Batwoman is faced with a new challenge when Gotham’s addicts become ravenous for more than the next fix.

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All I have to say with that ending is noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!


Luke Fox better not be dead!


That ending better not be the end of Luke Fox!!! On the other side, what Ocean did to Alice was horrible! Granted, he did have a point about how many times Kate and her dad have screwed her over, but this could show that Alice of all people, is better than them by getting Kate back.


Wow what an episode.

Out heroes jail do to injustice with a nice lesson in there about and how justice isn’t perfect but you can make better.

The crows in chaos as Jacob is out of it. Tarv and his fellow crow crew just being monsters. Jacob really need to get in there and help fix it but I feel if he dies they’ll use his recent drug addiction against him.

Alice find out the truth and Kate doesn’t know a thing. Kidnaps Enigma to help and find Ocean who she breaks down to. And Ocean out of no kills Enigma (didn’t see that coming). He had a point but maybe Alice is trying to change by saving Kate and now she lost her chance.

Mary and Jacob get close and all the cards on the table. Hopefully they start to reconnect.

Sophie quit wonder if she get vigilantied up. Ryan fights zombie felt like classic Gotham. And trying to rekindle some love life but learning the struggles of the double identity.

And Luke trying to be a hero lead to the ultimate consequence. Wow. It this the start to his journey as Batwing or it this the end?:thinking:

And now a wait until June 6th. Why​:sweat_smile:

It this the end of Luke? Will Alice Save Kate? What will Sophie do now? All this and more Same Bat Time Same Bat Channel

I’ve gotten behind on my Arrowverse shows so I didn’t get to watch Batwoman until Saturday and WOW what an episode. If you’d told me at any point during season 1 that I’d actually like Sophie I’m not sure I’d believe you but her character has developed so much this year. Also, Jacob Kane is having a bigger impact on the story by just not being around (i.e., unable to command the Crows).

I have no doubt that the ending was the first step in Luke’s decision to create the Batwing suit (either because he needs the physical support after his injury, or because he never wants to be vulnerable to the bullets that fly so freely in Gotham) but it was still hard to watch.

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