[REACTIONS] Batwoman S2 E12 - "Initiate Self-Destruct" - Spoilers!

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Synopsis: Ryan is faced with a difficult decision that could expose her as Batwoman, creating a rift in the Bat Team. Meanwhile, Black Mask’s plans for Kate Kane begin to unfold. Alice is reunited with someone from her past, and Sophie must decide where her loyalty lies.

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I don’t like the idea of Jason Todding Kate at all.

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Wow what an episode.

Starting with the identity side of the story. Sophie saved it and knows but they don’t know she know. They couldn’t help all those criminals for her identity. No bat would want that.

Luke doing the tech stuff and trying to save the Bat legacy normally. And Mary got the hospital up and it blinded by that to see Jacob who’s getting worse. And now they know.

Alice and Ryan on an adventure. Great stuff in the Batmobile​:joy:. Nice fight scenes. An amazing fight with Kate that was crazy. And she left her there to die. Not heroic but not something a bat hasn’t done before. And definitely a Batwoman thing to do.

Black Mask. Still so awesome™:+1:. Now Kate been made to his daughter. Very cool twist and so far a cool villain.

Will they save Alice? Will Kate remember who she is? Will Jacobs addiction be exposed? All this and more Same Bat Time Same Bat Channel.