[REACTIONS] Batwoman S2 E11- "Arrive Alive" - Spoilers!

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Synopsis: With Batwoman and The Crows each hot on the trail of the False Face Society, their efforts collide, and tension escalates. Alice seeks out Enigma, and Sophie and Ryan find some common ground.

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As much as I loved Ewan McGregor in Birds Of Prey, this Black Mask is better. In this episode he was downright scary. Good to see another strong main villain after Safiyah didn’t quite live up to expectations.

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I feel she may have been stronger but the recast killed her story.

Nice episode of Bat and the Furious.

Alice learning more about herself and confronting Enigma. Ocean is back and now they remember. Definitely feel she going good by the end of this season or at least starting that journey.

Ryan teams with Sophie. Went iffy but well. The seen with Luke was great. Very funny. Now the crows have her blood. This is why Alfred is important. He cleans that up :sweat_smile:. And Sophie knows duh duh duh.

Jacob went off on Sophie. That addiction getting the best.

Black Mask is great. Always has a plan and ruthless as ever. But he sounds a lot like Jacob. Is he Jacob? Did they just show Roman to through the people who know who he is under the mask off? Did he spilt personality after Kate died? Curious :thinking:.

What will happen now that Sophie knows the identity? Will the Crows find it out too? Will Black Mask get Ocean? Will Alice get Enigma? All this and more Same Bat Time Same Bat Channel

I love that Luke warned Ryan about Sophie being smart enough to figure out her secret identity, and then it came down to them leaving a voicemail where they clearly state she is Batwoman for her. I’m surprised it wasn’t done via accidental text. :laughing:

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I saw somewhere that they felt that this show is actually portraying Black Mask very accurately and from your thoughts, it looks like they weren’t the only ones.

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Calling Sophie smart is an insult to smart people. Sophie is a moron and should be off the show yesterday.

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No, Black Mask is Roman, you can see his face under the mask and if you’re very familiar with the actor you can tell. I know the actor from a bunch of shows, 12 Monkeys, Nikita, etc.

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Not a re-cast but I do get what you mean, that killed a lot of stories.

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I hope Alice getting her memories back means she’s on the road of redemption.

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Sophie can be headstrong and stubborn to a fault, sure, but that in no way makes her a moron. She may made mistakes like going after False Face by herself, but she still knows what she’s doing in general and wouldn’t have gotten as far as she has if she didn’t. Her growing conflicted attitude toward the Crows and potential enemies-to-friends relationship w/ Ryan have been really compelling this season, and I’m pretty confident in saying that the show would be worse off w/out her

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Just a fun theory I thought of with the family no real truth meant behind it :joy::joy:
He does sound a lot like Jacob with the mask on :sweat_smile:

I know wa s just using the term to keep sort

I’m not talking just this season, the entire show she’s been a horrible character, betraying, being a moron, just everything that should get her off the show. The show would be much better without her on it.

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It would’ve been cool, I mean, I said back in Season 1 that Alice got her more malevolent side from her dad, they’re both obsessive, not easy to forgive, etc. I think it’s because I know the actor that I don’t really hear Kane’s voice.

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Ah, makes sense.

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Yeah I don’t know him well so maybe that’s why I’m hearing it. Or I’m just going crazy :joy: