Razer Thread

Razer -member of humanoid species with a slim athletic build. He has bluish-gray skin, blue eyes, and white hair, with thin black lines lining his cheeks and chin and thick black lines around his eyes.

Razer was on Volkreg
when a Red power ring came to him
following the murder of his wife

Joining Hal Jordan and Kilowog in opposing the Red Lantern Corps He gradually fell in love with Aya their ship’s
AI, but refused his feelings for her.
After Aya’s apparent death, Razer refused to give up hope she was alive somewhere,he disappeared flying off in search of her, pursued by a Blue power ring …He took the ring, glad to move past his rage, but would not let his Red ring go, for fear it would afflict someone else.
problem of the Red ring was soon solved when Razer had what he believed to be a chance encounter with Metron who agreed to place the Red ring in his
Inter-Dimensional Vault

4 yrs since departing from The Green Lantern Corp he kept on in search of aya leading to dead ends
Razer headed for New Genesis to find Metron and retrieve his Red ring, but his Blue ring began to fail, sending out a distress signal. Kilowog and Tomar-Re responded. Kilowog embraced his old friend and teased him for flying without a fully charged ring, but Razer explained he had lost the hope needed to power it.

Razer ended up meeting with Metron, who readily agreed to give back the Red ring in exchange for the Blue one.
While Metron retrieved the Red ring, Razer began to experience doubts, but once Metron returned committed to the exchange. He apologized for the inevitable screams of agony when he put the Red ring on, but then found it did not react at all. Metron then explained that he had in fact manipulated Razer into giving him the Red ring. Then, while studying the Red ring, he had secretly fed Razer false clues in his quest, to cause him to lose hope. As expected, Razer had returned to Metron to exchange rings, allowing the New God to study the Blue one as well. He told Razer this in hopes of angering him so that he might see the Red ring in action, and was not disappointed.

Razer chased Metron across the city, causing great collateral damage as his blasts were deflected by Metron’s shield. Razer finally shattered Metron’s shield, to Metron’s surprise, and the resulting shockwave destroyed two statues!
which fell on Forager As the other Forager ran to the badly injured Forager, Razer realized his mistake, demanded the Blue ring back. Metron refused, electrocuting Razer. The Blue ring then shattered its containment case and went to Razer, turning him into a Blue and Red Lantern simultaneously.
After pushing Metron through a boom tube, he used to the Blue ring to heal Forager. The Foragers thanked him, but Razer apologized for causing the injury in the first place and thanked them for reminding him how to hope. He then repaired the statues, also creating two new statues of the Foragers.

As a Red Lantern his uniform is red and black with armored components, possessing a red helmet with two prongs, spiked red shoulder armor connected with chest armor emblazoned
with the Red Lantern symbol, red gauntlets, and red boots
** Red ring allows Razer to emit powerful burst of red energy from his hands and mouth, fueled by his rage. He can also make crude constructs to manipulate objects around him. It also gives him the power of flight
As a Blue Lantern, his uniform takes on a robe-like aesthetic, that is blue and black. He possesses a blue hood connected to a chest piece emblazon
ed with the Blue Lantern symbol, blue gauntlets and boots.
**Blue ring allows Razer to fly and grants a life support aura. It also has the ability to heal and make constructs powered by hope

simultaneously wielding both the Red, Razer’s uniform becomes a hybrid version of his Red and Blue Lantern uniforms. In color, the uniform is red and black on the right side, and blue and black on the left, with some zig-zagging at the middle. In shape, the legs and lower torso of the suit resemble his Blue Lantern uniform, while the upper torso and arms take a form similar to his Red Lantern attire, save the symbol emblazoned on his chest which is now a hybrid symbol of both the Red and Blue Lantern Corps. His hybrid suit has neither hood nor helmet, leaving his hair exposed
**power of both rings gives Razed the ability to manipulate matter, allowing him to turn the rubble of the statues he destroyed into new statues



His role in Green Lantern the Animated Series was so great. Then he was in that awful episode of Young Justice.


Indeed , indeed he did & ive bn a fan since :fire::fire::fire::fire: I can’t wait to see more appearances hopefully