Raven vs Starfire who do you think will win

I honestly know there very strong but Starfire would have the atvange since was a little trained but raven yeah I think she would win

Raven is a literal demon who can tap into practically limitless power in some versions, so I’d say Raven would win.


On my guess it’ll be raven…

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Starfire could lose control, she’s always holding back like Supes. Ravens soul seli

could probably absorb the damage tho. Plus, speaking of holding back, Raven is the

poster child for controlling Armageddon-like powers.

Soul-self not seli oops

Depends on which version of pair.

In TTG continuity, Raven would surrender just to get Starfire to stop talking. “You win!! Just shut up already.”

This is pretty much as objective and canon of an answer as you can get, since it’s from their creator

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Raven easily. Not a chance.

Raven hands down. Don’t get me wrong, I love my girl Starfire, but it’s just how it is

Star Fire All the Way!:star2::100::crown::purple_heart::green_heart::raised_hands:t4: