Raven of Teen Titans

I am looking up stories focused on my favorite Teen Titan, Raven. Read through all the ones from the 80s and have a couple of stories picked out that came out in the last decade.

Are there any stories or issues from the 2000s (Pre-Flashpoint) that I should check out that focus on Raven?

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She appears in the 2003 Teen Titans comic by Geoff Johns, a 2008 miniseries by Marv Wolfman, and a 2008 Titans series by Judd Winick.

I tried reading the 2008 solo series. Got through the first issue, but unfortunately I couldn’t get into it

I enjoyed this story when it was originally published. It’s available in the DCU Library, and is worth reading, if you like classic '80s Raven, The story, written by Marv Wolfman, takes place right around the time Raven formed the “new” Teen Titans, and fills in details of how she met Wally West. The issue seems to have been forgotten, but I’ve always remembered the beautiful cover by Michael Kaluta.


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