Raven and Starfire are getting costumes on Titans





Awesome! Saw these on Facebook earlier. I believe these shots are from the last episode of the season. I’ve also heard that Starfire will have 2-3 other costume changes this season.

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I think I see the jewel on Ravens head as well.

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Today’s DC Daily showed those in a behind scenes video. There seems to be a big action scene in that warehouse that includes Robin.

Lol, Raven looks like she’s trying to hard to be “cool”. I love it XD

Don’t think she’s trying to be cool in that more. More like protecting her new friends with her powers

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these look great! :+1:

Don’t know about the raven one, but starfire looks great :+1:

I can do without the midriff.

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I knew Starfire would get a costume and a hair style change

I’m surprised this thread is not active much

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Bump. Everyone is over in General Discussion.

I like it! Raven looks like she’s smiling “sometimes the darkness feels good”.

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Your wish is my command, RayneKing09 :slight_smile: Headed to General Discussion!

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I can’t wait to see Trigon. I’m assuming that he is contained by the end of season 1 since the jewel is on Raven’s head in the photo.

I’m trying to figure out how Raven is going to get away with walking around day-to-day wearing a creepy robe…

Heroes and villains with suits exist

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I was wondering that. I’ve heard the jewel on her forehead is for containing Trigon…problem is, unless I missed something huge, I’m reading the 1980 New Teen Titans and she also has the the jewel, but Trigon was around and her mom took them both to some netherrealm or someplace where they will always be fighting. I dont remember the comic ever mentioning Trigon but she has the jewel. Can someone clarify for me what I might have missed?

@XanderStrange, I’m basing that assumption off the fact that she doesn’t have it yet in the earlier episodes, but seems to have it in the last episode. So it must serve a purpose. That purpose being that it keeps Trigon contained comes from the Teen Titans vs Justice League animated film.