🐀 Ratcatcher & Ratcatcher II Appreciation Thread🐀

A place to discuss the Goat Ratcatcher and his daughter Ratcatcher 2.

My feelings about Ratcatcher summed up:


I haven’t read a lot of stuff with the OG Ratcatcher that made me feel any particular way, I LOVED Ratcatcher II in The Suicide Squad. Hope she makes her way into the comics at some point. :smiley:


As do I. She was great in that movie and I’d love more with her.

Ratcatcher 1 is my favorite D lister. Some people have Kite-man, some have Calendar man, others have Condiment King. Me? I’m living that Ratcatcher life. He’s kind of lame and busted at the same time. His origin is a little funny but still ligit. He has some genuinely impressive feats.

Fun Fact: an OMAC classified Ratcatcher 1 as an Omega level that during Infinite Crisis. Other Omega Level threats include Superman and Darkseid. He can talk to rats. Superman level.


I mean, considering how many rats there are, especially in big cities, that’s not surprising. For all we know, with a little power boost, we could get some A Plague Tale stuff with either character.


I saw in one of these threads that you were watching TSS for the first time and wondered to myself how you’d like this portrayal! I thought Ratcatcher II was one of if not THE most heartfelt character in the entire movie. I enjoyed her relationships with the other characters and the fondness she had for her dad. The word wholesome comes to mind. :smiling_face: And also rats do make amazing pets. I’ve had a total of 5 pet rats in my life. I still occasionally feel reluctant to use them as prey items (humanely euthanized and ethically raised) for Christine. ( :snake: )


Don’t forget Ratcatcher 1,000,000!! Helped Bruce escape from Pluto!