Rant (CWTV vs DCTV)

After watching Titans on here and Young Justice and even Punisher on Netflix… I have to say I’ve grown accustomed to the gritty and violent nature of super-hero related media. It’s because they have high stakes and real world issues you can connect with. There’s no censorship at all.

I just watched the most recent episodes of Flash today and I have to say… This show is so cheesy, corny and predictable now. Is it me? Am I getting older and maybe no longer phased by these recycled plot concepts? The same goes for Supergirl. Yet… I’m loyal and still continue to watch.

I remember when I first started watching these shows (i.e arrow, flash, smallville) and how tantalizing they were. I couldnt wait until the next week. Now it’s like… :sleepy:…is there something wrong with me?


I still watch the Arrowverse shows but I do find the DCU offerings more compelling. There’s also an advantage with fewer episodes, less need for filler. Would like to see what Arrow could do on DCU

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The shows don’t hold up anymore… Idk. Theyre so watered down and cheesy. For example: the recent flash episode showed Flash beating the snot out of Cicada. Then he screams and says “YOULL NEVER HURT MY DAUGHTER AGAIN”. Predictably Nora comes T_T, "Dad stahhhp! , Barry looks up and immediately snaps out of it. He then walks over to Nora and says, “Oh Nora, it’s okay. You brought me back.”

This murderous rage that came over Flash just felt out of place. I couldn’t take it seriously. So I’ve come to the conclusion that it may not be the actors but the writing for the show…

I mean come on, Avatar the Last Airbender had real stakes involved. I watched that whole series twice over and it still had me up on my feet.


I like both just fine.


There is a certain jadedness that comes with getting older


I mean I use to think Power Rangers was the most epic thing ever when I was a kid but when I watch it now it’s so cheesy and I can tell how bad the acting and writing are. You’re not paying attention to stuff like that when you are younger.

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Just because you don’t like something doesn’t mean it’s not the greatest thing ever to somebody else, it’s all about perspective.

I blame the writers. With 80+ years of DC history to pull from (plus their own imaginations and real world experiences), there should be no need for filler. And you don’t need gritty violence and sex to make it interesting.

Elongated Man was pretty fun and interesting when he first appeared. But now he’s just a filler character that wonders around checking in on other characters.

Was Vibe even in the last episode?

Joe hasn’t been in the last couple, but honestly, who cares? I only hope that I’m that level headed when my kids start marrying each other. Nothing phases that guy. He’s Mr. Emotionless.

Don’t get me started on Supergirl. :rage:


Those shows are great! It’s mindless fun, that’s all I ask for and that’s all they deliver. If you want well written, acted and produced television maybe you should watch The Wire or something like that


Flash is hella cheesy now, but the Reverse Flash twist this season is dope. Arrow’s season 7 is absolute fuego. Who’s ready for #CrisisOnInfiniteEarths :heart_eyes:


I wouldn’t say it’s age related, more a question of what you enjoy at the moment and where life has taken you.

I have had times in life when I enjoyed overly violent shows. I’m not there anymore, but I don’t hold it impossible that I will swing back again one day. I can still enjoy violent shows like Preacher, but the violence without the clever comedy is nothing to me.

What I think that Young Justice does absolutely right is that they manage to build a feeling of having the whole DC Universe existing in the same show.

I have no idea why DC doesn’t take advantage of their massive world in every title.

The comics completely fail at this, it’s just a bunch of pocket universes at the whims of the current writer. Even their main events just feels like Justice League+. I mean for some ongoings it was like the metal event or doomsday clock or heroes in crisis never even happened.

The Injusticeverse and Young Justice-verse, are amazing universes much because they manage to create the illusion of actually taking place in this rich world, and not in a pocketversion.

If DC manage to bring that feeling to the movieverse and the comicverse we would enjoy this awe we are feeling for YJ every week.

With all CW shows shooting in Vancouver they could do so much better in this regard. Now we only see a tear in the pocket verses once a year during the crossovers.


@ragdoll not interested in mindless fun. Rather have a cohesive and progressive story line that isn’t predictable. Mindless fun is Legends of Tomorrow. I stopped watching it after the second or third season. Can’t remember which one.

But I do agree that there is a bit of jadedness in getting older. You’re not as susceptible to things on TV as you would have been when you were younger.

Supergirl is just flooded with so much unnecessary B.S that I don’t even know where to begin. But sigh I’ll watch it >_>………

Thank You! Words can’t describe how trash CW/DC Tv is. It’s time for Wb to pull the plug on these shows. Arrow, Flash, Black Lightning, and that sorry excuse of a Superhero show called Supergirl should be cancelled. Also, Batwoman should’ve been a DCU original show.


The shows always have their highs and lows. There was a point where The Flash was my least favorite of the DC shows but it’s been my favorite since season 4. I always stick around and enjoy the ride. I like everything but yeah, theres definitely shows that outmatch others, sometimes even depending on the season.

I remember the first few seasons of flash, right up to Flashpoint… That show was bangin. Now it’s like…>>…Davoe storyline was alright though. Wasnt crazy about it. I just feel that the show has lost its edge. And I can’t stand the new costume --. Everything else looks fantastic except for the head piece.

But… sigh at the end of the day… I never would have anticipated to see Flash, Green Arrow and Supergirl on television like this, 10 years ago. I’m grateful we have shows like this. Smallville was a young mans soap opera. It failed miserably in it’s costume designs but the story bruh… The STORY <3. There’s a reason that show lasted 10 seasons. All I’m saying is… We need that Smallville type writing.


Nothing wrong with you. People just like different things. I love the Arrowverse but I understand that it’s not everyone’s cup of tea, just like not everyone is into super gritty dark stuff.

The fact that we have so much variety now in comic book TV/movies is an awesome thing.


@chad22 Appreciate that man. And ya know what’s funny?? I felt so conditioned by the unnoticeable censorship in these earlier DC/marvel TV shows from when we were kids… That when Titans came on DCU, I was like OMG :O. Almost shocked and fell outta my seat. Maybe this change is much needed

Sometimes the CW shows likes quantity of quality. With Titans, the story is so compelling bc it’s a short season. 12 episodes. They tell what needs to be told and people love it.

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Agreed, the 24 Episode Season of fighting the Big Bad needs to end.

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I think the one thing people fail to understand sometimes is opinion is subjective. I personally don’t care for Game of Thrones so I don’t watch it. And if I did watch it I wouldn’t half way enjoy it and then pick choose what writers and film makers should and shouldn’t do to make it better or more watchable for ME. The world doesn’t revolve around me. If you’re not 100% enjoying something maybe you shouldn’t be watching it.