Ranking Excitement for Upcoming Arrowverse Seasons

It’s a special time for the Arrowverse. A show is ending, a show is beginning, and others are entering new territory. I figured I would rank the upcoming seasons for every show based on how excited I am for them, starting with the one I am admittedly the least excited for

  1. “Batwoman” Season 1 - In its defense, it does have a few things going for it. The ELSWORLDS crossover shows The CW can get down the atmosphere of Gotham. Rub Rose is a good actress. But the trailer does have me concerned that they will force themes and messages that will come off as inorganic and insincere. But still hoping for some good to come out of it.

  2. “Black Lightning” Season 3 - This is a bit of a wild card. The last season has set up that the Pierce family is being recruited for a metahuman war that will be coming to their town. But, their inclusion in the upcoming CRISIS event, no matter how small, could have huge ramifications for the show going forward, and that has me intrigued.

  3. “Legends of Tomorrow” Season 5 - In most cases, this is my favorite show of the bunch, but there is a lot about the upcoming season we simply don’t know. Also, there is just much else happening in other shows that has me more interested.

  4. “The Flash” Season 6 - The show is changing its season structure, so we could be looking at tighter story telling. It’s always fun watching these characters. But since this show has consistently have the closest links to the upcoming CRISIS event, I am certain the aftermath will be explored fully

  5. “Supergirl” Season 5 - This show has admittedly been through a lot of ups and downs. But last season was, at least in my opinion, the best we have seen yet. While I am concerned about where this season is potentially going, I am most intrigued by the changed dynamic between Kara and Lena. That part will for sure be the most interesting part of the season.

  6. “Arrow” Season 8 - It’s the final season. With only 10 episodes. Half set-up for CRISIS, half closure for the series. Need I say more?


I’ve been away from watching the CWverse shows on a consistent basis, but the two I’m anticipating the most are Supergirl and Batwoman.

Supergirl got better last season once Lex was introduced, so hopefully that consistency will be maintained in the new season. Plus, Kara has a new look, which I really like.

Batwoman just looks really cool. Curious how much of the Batman mythos will be brought in and also how much Batwoman’s own source material will be mined for the show.

If Batwoman can see a few Greg Rucka written episodes and maybe the CWverse debut of The Question, I’ll be very happy indeed.

I’ll absolutely watch the other shows as COIE unfurls.

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What do you mean by The Flash changing its season structure?

I’m most interested in seeing the post-Crisis implications, which I think will impact Supergirl the most followed by Flash. So those are the ones I am the most intrigued by. But, LoT is my favorite of them all, so as per usual I’m most excited for that specific show.

In order of excitement from most to least…

  1. Arrow (always been my favorite)
  2. Supergirl (Leviathan!!! And had the best of all the CW shows last year)
  3. Batwoman
  4. Legends of Tomorrow (consistently the best show)
  5. Black Lightning
  6. Flash (season 1 was the best season of all the CW shows but they can’t seem to recapture that to save their lives)

This is tough.

  1. Arrow because its the end and sets up Crisis
  2. Batwoman
  3. Supergirl
  4. Flash
  5. Black lightning (Mostly because I haven’t finished season 2 yet)
  6. Legends (While fun, I always know to expect to enjoy it, but I never get excited for it)
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Black Lightning

I’m honestly the most excited for The Flash. Especially considering the season is getting split between pre crisis episodes and post crisis episodes. Really excited to see what they do with that new structure and how they tell the story going forward with these characters. While I do have my problems with The Flash, I still can’t help but find good moments that I really enjoy about the show. So I’m hoping season six kills with. With Crisis on Infinite Earths being a thing next season, there is a lot to explore story wise and character development wise. So this is why I’m the most excited for this show. Plus, The Flash is my favorite superhero so I’m always excited to see more of The Flash.

Next would be Supergirl. While I still need to get caught up, I’m really excited for the new costume change and hopefully the more compelling story telling and character dynamics that the new season can bring.

Following Supergirl would be Black Lightning. Mainly becuse they referenced Markovia, which can lead to all sorts of different possibilities. Would love to see them potentially do Terra and Geo-Force.

After that would be Legends of Tomorrow. Still need to get caught up on that as well, but I’m exited to see all the crazy stuff they can do.

Second to last would be Arrow. Excited to see the show be over and done with. While I enjoy many aspects of the show, there are just as much that frustrate me. The biggest being how they treated Black Canary throughout the series.

Last would have to be Batwoman. The trailers aren’t pulling me in. Still gonna give it a go, but so far I’m just worried that it’s gonna come on way to strong. Hopefully it’ll have some really good action, character development, and a good compelling story (for as good as as the CW can do).

All in all, I watch all of the CW DC shows (Supergirl and Legends are the only ones I need to get caught up on). Mainly because I’m a huge DC fan and I love a connected universe. This next season of CW DC shows I feel like are going to kill it. Especially considering is Crisis on Infinite Earths season. Can’t wait. :slight_smile:

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