Rank The Live-Action Superman Films

For me, It’s…

Man of Steel
Superman The Movie
Superman II
Superman Returns
Superman III
Superman IV: Quest for Peace
Superman vs The Mole Man

Man of Steel, BvS: Ultimate Edition, Superman II: Donner Cut, Superman Returns…

sorry I can’t bring my self in good conscience to list Superman 3, Superman 4, or Superman vs The Mole Men

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You don’t have to like them to rank them

Man of Steel
BvS Ultimate Edition
Superman II
Superman Returns
Superman IV
Superman III
Superman & the Mole Men

Honorary Mention:
Justice League - mainly for Cavill as Superman

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Nice to see Man of Steel getting strong love!

Obviously Man of Steel is at the top because the original Superman films don’t hold up, I’m sorry to say, lol

Man of Steel is definitely at the top for me. I only just watched tge original Superman for the first time to 2 weeks ago when the service launched and yeah, it has not aged well. The only other one I’ve seen is Superman Returns and while not a terrible film, it was BORING.

People can say what they want about the DCEU or Zack Snyder. Man of Steel is the most entertaining live action Superman film avaible today.


Shame about Returns. Had so much potential

  1. Superman

  2. Superman II

  3. Superman Returns

  4. Man of Steel

  5. Batman v Superman

  6. Justice League

  7. Superman III

  8. Superman IV (Yes it’s that bad)

I’m kinda ashamed that I loved III and IV as a kid lol