Rank the Live Action Bat Suits!

For me, I’ve got to go with…

Batman Returns
Justice League
Batman Forever(Panther)
Batman & Robin
Dark Knight/Rises
Batman Begins
Batman Forever(Sonar)
1949 Serial
1943 Serial
Batman & Robin(Ice Battle)

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  1. BvS robot suit

  2. Batman 1989

  3. Dark Knight/ Rises

Ah I forgot about the BvS armor. You’ve only seen a few Batman movies?

Top five:

-The regular suit from Batman Forever
-BvS regular suit
-Batman Returns
-Adam West


My list is actually the exact same as yours lol

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@TX85, no those are just my top three

You’ve got great taste @MrbtjOker2. Lol


Dark Knight Rises
Dark Knight
Batman Begins
Batman Returns
Batman (89)
Batman v Superman
Batman (Adam West)

Dark Knight and Dark Knight Rises is the same suit

Really? I thought they added more grey for some reason, oh well, doesn’t change my change my ranking.

So the suit is so good, you’re adding it twice on the list lol

Lol yup! Long Live Baleman!

Batman v Superman
Justice league
Batman armor
Batman begins
Dark knight/ dark knight rises
Batman returns
Batman forever
Batman serials
Adam West
Batman and robin

My answer is literally exactly the same as TX85’s list, lol. Returns was the best

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Yes sir