Rank the DCU Orginals 🤗

  1. Swamp thing (So far)
  2. Young Justice (they always deliver so I’m not worried)
  3. Doom Patrol
  4. Titans

I love seeing people’s opinions so go for it lol :grin:


Ignore the bad spelling pls

1 doom patrol
2 swamp thing
3 young justice
4 titans

Doom patrol was amazing they some how took characters almost none of the general public knows or cares about and made it great my wife who never watches any comic book related shows watched it and loved it

Titans if the weakes and furthest from the source materal of any of the DCU orginal shows which is unfortunate because i love the teen titans

  1. Young Justice season 3
  2. Doom Patrol
  3. Swamp Thing (so far)
  4. Titans

@yutz yea hopefully they fix that with S2


Of titans


1.)Doom Patrol
2.)Young Justice: Outsiders (so far)
3.)Swamp Thing (so far)


1 Swamp thing
2 Doom patrol
3 Who cares…

  1. Doom Patrol

  2. Young Justice

  3. Swamp Thing

  4. Titans

I kind of enjoyed the entire season of Titans continuing to give it a benefit of a doubt. When it had that completely unsatisfying ending, I really started thinking about it and realized none of the characters have character arcs. I’m not sure I’ll even watch season two.

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1: Young Justice
2: Titans (the Grayson, Raven, & Kori arcs are still going. They’ve all reached the low in their sine wave, so S2 is when I’ll make a final judgment about the arcs. It certainly is feeling very Sophoclian)
3: Doom Patrol
4: Swamp Thing

  1. Doom Patrol (Love it)

  2. Swamp Thing (Like it a lot so far)

  3. Young Justice (Like it but don’t love it. If Wally comes back my interest will go up)

  4. Titans (I don’t dislike it but I had a lot of problems with the first season. Side characters introduced were more interesting than the Titans. Felt edgy at times just for the sake of being edgy. I’m hopeful season 2 will be an improvement)

  1. Swamp Thing
    2.Doom Patrol
    3 Titans.

Production value has increased with every new show

Also issues with some of the acting in Titans

Best characters Hawk and Dove ( They where also the best actors in the show )

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Why does everyone forget to rank young justice i literally said rank the originals lmao if u haven’t seen it then u have a problem


I agree wholeheartedly with this list lol

Haven’t watched it

It’s not my cup of tea As they say

Just don’t watch animated shows much

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Looks like Young Justice has been cited several times.

Young Justice>Titans>Swamp Thing. From “kid” to grown up.

Young Justice
Swamp Thing
Doom Patrol

Wasnt a huge fan of DP after a few episodes but committed to finishing it anyways. Young Justice really was amazing especially with it being a bit more mature but not so extreme at the same time.

Swamp Thing I have yet to watch but plan on it. Just waiting for a few more episodes to comes out (in the mean time I’m watching other things). But I’m fairly certain it’s a great show! Titans was a pill to swallow as it was the first to break the ice in this long pattern of adult superhero television. It aims towards an older, more mature audience. I hope in season 2 that they don’t lose track of the character(s) roots by delivering shocking scenes all just to say “we’re more adult now”. You can still deliver grittiness without affecting the characters core values.

In my opinion, again… In MY OPINION, I feel the language and the violence could be dialed back a LITTLE bit. But…

Anyways…I’m counting on the next few comments to being purely antagonistic after saying all this. Seems to be a pattern on here… But again >>>my opinion<<<

  1. Swamp Thing
  2. Doom Patrol
  3. Titans
  4. YJ
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You might be surprised, but you will find a lot of people did not like all the F-bombs from Titans. There have been a few threads that people mention what could’ve replaced the F-word without losing the message the show was trying to convey.