Rank Batman Arkham Games

Arkham Asylum
Arkham Knight
Arkham City

I like Arkham Asylum’ s story by far the most. City isn’t a bad game at all but I simply overall enjoy the rest more.

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for me

  1. city
  2. knight
  3. origins
  4. asylum
    no hate on asylum all fantastic games i think origins is underrated in basically every single way except weak side missions
    nothing needs to be said abt city it’s perfect and knight is epic and gorgeous in scope even if batmobile was overused knight was fantastic
  1. Knight: I love Jason Todd. Also this is the game that gave me the complete Batman experience.
  2. City: All around good game and improved in every way from the 1st game.
  3. Origins: I liked the story and it had some good bosses/villains
  4. Asylum: I broke the mold and set a standard.
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Good reasons. Arkham Knight could have been my favorite if the story wasn’t so predictable and the identity reveal ending, I loathed the ending!



  1. City- overall amazing Batman experience
  2. Origins- by far the best story
  3. Knight- best looking and great send off, but I saw the Arkham Knight thing a mile away
    4- Asylum- in no way a bad game, but it’s been improved upon by every sequel.

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Knight (non Batmobile gameplay is good but the story is garbage)

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  1. Arkham City - Great free roam & use of Villains. Especially enjoyed the Freeze fight.

  2. Arkham Origins - Loved the Story & Christmas Vibe mixed in. Plus I enjoyed the DLC Cold Cold Heart storyline.

  3. Arkham Asylum - Enjoyable & creepy at times. Got lost a bit on & off in the asylum lol

  4. Arkham Knight - Graphics were great but story & gameplay was egh at times. Too many tanks & Batmobile missions. Not too mention, the Knight’s identity was soo obvious.

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I love how everyone was like “yay we get to ride the Batmobile” when Arkham Knight was announced. Six hours into playkng: “ugh, I have to ride the Batmobile…”


Lots of good rankings and reasons

First, I just wanna state that I love playing ALL of the Arkham games.

1)Arkham Knight: I LOVED the character designs and the main story line. I’m not a big racing fan, but even the batmobile parts were fun. My only nitpick is I wish we could make the character trophies take more then 1 pose (ie the Arkham VR game)
2)Arkham City: There was tons to do to extend the gameplay. I loved getting the Riddler trophies because I really felt like I was earning the rewards.
3)Arkham Asylum: Still love it, but playing it now you feel a bit limited compared to the later game. Finding the audio logs was always the best part.
4)Arkham Origins: good, I like the storyline, but the other games are just a little better.

I’ve only played City and Asylum, which I rank in that order. I’ll probably get Knight at some point but I already know decisions I don’t like in that game (killing Batman, making Tim and Barbara a couple). I can’t play Origins unless they remaster it for PS4 though, so I don’t know where to rank it.

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Arkham City. Best overall story in my opinion.

Asylum. Started it all. Was fun battling all the baddies inside Arkham.

Knight. Batmobile kinda brings this one down a lot. Also obvious who the Arkham Knight was.

Never played orgins.

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@brian Origins is highly underrated. I strongly suggest checking it out.


Definetly is

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  1. Arkham City
  2. Arkham Asylum
  3. Arkham VR
  4. Arkham Knight
  5. Arkham Origins
  6. Arkham Origins Blackgate
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  1. Arkham City. I feel like this is the definitive Batman experience. Batman fights a lot of interesting villains. The story is excellent. I liked how the game opens up new levels like after you explore certain parts. The bosses were vastly improved from the first game and the combat was tight. Gadgets and weapons are always fun to use. The Riddler challenge was exceptional. I only complaint was Dr. Hugo Strange was a boring villain and there was no Scarecrow who was the best part of Arkham Asylum. Two-Face also got the shaft. While I like playing as Catwoman, I felt that they should have had more Robin in the game.

  2. Arkham Asylum. I love this game, but I did not like some of the boss battles and the combat was really clunky sometimes. The Riddler Challenge was good, but I didn’t like finding the Riddler map because I felt like it hurt the challenge of finding them on your own. I did like the Scarecrow sacraments and that that was the strongest part of the game. I did not like the final boss.

  3. Arkham Knight. I was really disappointed with this game. I utterly and completely detested the Batmobile. There was too much focus on Batmobile oh, and the Arkham Knight challenges where you have to find the bombs, destroy the towers, the Roadblocks, and the tank battles were so boring. Also I didn’t like what they did with Scarecrow because they made him unbelievably boring by just talking over the loudspeaker. The Riddler Challenge was just the same as Arkham City only it had races and Batmobile segments that I really did not like very much. Although I did like the dynamic between CatWoman and Batman I felt that that should have been the focus of the Riddler Challenge this time because finding the trophies was a chore that I already did in Arkham City and Arkham Asylum. I was very disappointed with the Arkham Knight’s reveal. I saw it coming a mile away and the game spoils it.

  4. Arkham Origins. The game has the best boss battles in the series. However it’s buggy and glitchy to the point of unplayability.

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Origins - I love the christmas setting and soundtrack
Arkham City
Arkham Asylum

I never got very far in Arkham Knight. I hate driving in video games, got stuck in a Riddler Trophy challenge, crashed the batmobile for like 3 hours straight and never went back.

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