Random Thoughts

I’m going to use this thread to post the random thoughts that I have from time to time about the comics that I’m currently reading, thoughts that don’t necessarily deserve their own threads nor fit into any existing threads. Anyone may feel free to use this thread to do the same themselves.


And now, a feature I call “When Non-Jews Write Jews”:



From All-Star Squadron #55.

Pro tip for writers: we don’t use Yiddish expressions that much. At least not in public when speaking with non-Jews. When we do, it’s usually in private amongst ourselves. Can’t speak for everyone, of course, but that’s been my personal experience. These panels come off as awkward, to the point of being stereotypical. The creative team may as well have drawn in a giant arrow that says “JEW!” on it. However, ultimately this amused more than offended me.

This offended me, though:


Nice. Real nice. Jeez.

And then, of course, this happens:

There are plenty of evil villains in the DC Universe, but few that I’d call a Real Bastard. You know, the kind that really make your blood boil. Ultra-Humanite is one of them. See also Superman & Batman: Generations, in which he kills Superman’s entire family in front of him on his daughter’s wedding day.


I can’t tell if this news bodes well or ill for The Sandman getting added here when the Netflix series debuts. I’m sure that DC will be wanting to sell these books, so that may continue to keep the series off of DCUI, which would be disappointing, to say the least.


I was hoping there was a a thread for stuff like this!


So, as anyone who has read my posts knows I’m not only a huge Wally West Flash fan but also a great fan of the Justice League International Era from 1987 onward!

I think it’s safe to say that both fans and non-fans alike are familiar with the cover that began that now classic run…

Well, While browsing Facebook over the last day or so I’ve found various posts celebrating the JLI’s 35th Birthday! (Hard to believe I was pretty much reading Just Star Trek back then!) One post, boasted this Image Drawn by Kevin Maguire of what happens after the classic “Photo op” was done.

(Guy Gardner starts using his ring to Troll the rest of the team!)

Now, Just an idle thought….Batman’s pulling back to punch Guy in the back of the head. If Captain Marvel turns his head into the the path of Batman’s fist, would Batman break his (own) hand? I mean, is punching Marvel like punching Superman?. Or would it feel like he punched a regular person and cap would just be ……. “I’m glad I’m invulnerable!”

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I will never not be amused by the fact that Darkseid debuted in a Jimmy Olsen comic.


A good “pep talk” post for new readers on r/DCcomics:

I got a problem that has been troubling me for awhile. Every book i’ve been reading of late that has a big bad in it to deal with, the roster of heroes picked to deal with the menace is sorely lacking.

Heroes are going to take on Doctor Manhattan in Doomsday Clock. Why would you take Katana into that fight and leave Icon sitting at home? If I’m fighting Doc Manhattan, i’m taking all the Supermen, Majestic, Apollo, hell I’d take Ultraman if I thought he’d go. But what I’m not going to do is have someone who can’t contribute in any meaningful way out that getting in the way.

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I want “thought balloons” back in my comic books.


Hypertime is a dated excuse to explain the multiverse and should be forgotten.

I much perfer the concepts of metaverse where the prime earth influences the multiverse and Superman is the center of it.


My best friend truly is amazing.

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Why is language being censored in a M-rated Batman book?


The OG White Knight was actually originally rated Teen Plus and didn’t get the Black Label moniker until it was released as a trade. And even then, Black Label’s never been that consistent when it comes to cursing. The White Knight series has more cursing than what’s allowed in the main comics, but you’re still not gonna see any f-bombs like in other Black Label books. It’s frustrating but…no, it’s just frustrating


Ah, random thoughts… my favorite kind of thoughts. :smiling_face:

A random thought I’ve been having recently deals with the issue number on the comics.

I used to be in the camp of why is this important to people, who cares about the number on the cover. Now I’ve changed though, but only for certain comics.

I’m glad that DC has the original numbering for the FLASH and WONDER WOMAN. And for ACTION COMICS and DETECTIVE COMICS. That’s absolutely great, I love it.

I feel why don’t they do that for SUPERMAN and BATMAN too. It feels weird to me that those two don’t have their original numbering.

Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman should definitely have this done. When they did it for the Flash it was a little weird to me, but okay, go with it… And since you did it for him, I suppose you should probably do it for Green Lantern and Green Arrow too? Although, I don’t know if their numbers would be as high as the Flash’s, especially Green Arrow. And who cares about Aquaman. (And I kid.) :smiling_face:

Anyway, just a random thought.

And please, DC, do this for SUPERMAN and BATMAN. I’ll start buying BATMAN if you do it – it’s a large reason why I’m buying DETECTIVE COMICS. Well, really because of Ram V’s upcoming “Gothic Opera” storyline, but the numbers were important too. :smiling_face:

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That was definitely a move I did not see coming.

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I just love that Oscar is basically DC right now.

DC Comics: Hey, I just wanted you to know that you can’t just say the word Public Domain and expect anything to happen.

Bill Willingham: I didn’t say it, I declared it.

DC Comics: Still…

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So today is Batman Day!
And make no mistake about it! I AM wearing a Batman shirt today and I’ve watched u p to half of the Filmation New Adventures of Batman Saturday Morning cartoon!..So far!

All that being said,……
What about Superman Day?!?
There IS such a thing, isn’t there?!?


My best buddy’s day is June 12th.


I get random thoughts when walking. Sometimes, I work on my own head canon simple timeline. Maybe golden age was about 15 years ago so kids of golden age heroes are about 15 years old such as helena wayne, lyta trevor, judy garrick, silver scarab hector hall, connor hawke, koryak. Dick Grayson and Roy Harper started about 15 years ago so are now adult heroes. Silver age was about 10 years ago. Barry Allen got married about 10 years ago. Supergirl and power girl are twins and arrived about 10 years ago. Dark age was about 5 years ago. Damian Wayne and Jon Kent started about 5 years ago so they have to be aged up to be older.


All we need now is people chanting we are Red Hood and the set would be complete.