Ralph dibney

Why isn’t Ralph Dibney, aka Elongated Man, in the encyclopedia? He’s a regular on the Flash for Pete’s sake

It’s still a work in progress. Black Canary was just added recently, and the whole Shazam family is also missing - even with an upcoming movie.

They’ve done a great job adding characters that are related to the content on the app. If u ever pay attention when certain shows, movies, comics etc are added or are in the limelight, the characters from those are added. Also, not being mean at all, but are u really that upset the ductile detective isn’t in there? There’s literally thousands upon thousands of characters that aren’t in there & they rotate & add constantly.

Thank you for making us aware, @ilaffatdeath.72549 - thank you! We’re actively encouraging suggestions for entries into the encyclopedia, as what @c02goddess.16092 said is true about it being a work in progress, so if you have any more you’d like added that you’ve noticed aren’t there yet, please let us know!